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2.2 Recognition

11-22-19_1:02:46 PM“You must be insane.
“Shhh, Christy! Not so loud.”

Brooke glanced nervously around to see if anyone was listening, keeping her head down. The last thing she needed was anyone spotting her, and she especially didn’t want them to hear  the secret she’d just told her sister.

“Well, you are!” Sipping from her coffee, Christina tutted. She knew Brooke was going to mess up her relationship with Casper by doing this.

11-22-19_1:03:04 PM

“I have to do this for my career, C.” She just didn’t understand how big of a break this could be… “Anyway, how’s school?”

“Okay, I guess.” Christy shrugged, not giving much away. Now it was her time to be quiet.

“Mom said you won an award?” Brooke probed her, leaning forward in her seat. She knew how modest her little brainiac of a sister could be. “That’ll look good on your college application.”

The teenager blushed. “It was only for one subject. Zac got two.”

11-22-19_1:04:49 PM

“How is Zac?” Smirked Brooke. She knew Christy had always had a huge crush on her best friend. It was kind of sweet. She could imagine them, all grown up, owning their own vet practice together in the country and having cute little ginger kids.

“He’s good. Smarter than me, as always.” Perking up at the mention of her best friend, she rolled her eyes.

“Don’t be silly! Have you told him you’re into him yet?” Christy glared as Brooke waggled her eyebrows suggestively.

“No!” She almost shouted. Brooke cringed, ducking her head slightly as people turned to look at them.

11-22-19_1:11:16 PM

Oh no, oh no, oh no. 

She knew what was coming.

11-22-19_1:10:48 PM

“You’re…you’re…Brooke Asteria!”

“That’s me.” Brooke smiled, as they began to surround the table. She loved her fans, and things sure had got crazier with them lately, but she just wanted a quiet drink with her sister. For the most part, she couldn’t really complain – she managed to get around most places without being spotted.

11-22-19_1:10:37 PM

“You’re the one who’s dating Gregory Waters, right?” Her friend asked, looking bemused. It seemed like otherwise, she wouldn’t have had much of an interest.

“He is soooo hot.” Another lady added, closing her eyes with a smile. Brooke hated to think what she was imagining. ” I wish could touch those abs.”

“Er, yeh, we’re together.” It felt strange on her tongue. Bitter.

11-22-19_1:11:45 PM

“Can I please, please have a photo?” The pretty girl who’d first approached her said. “I loved your tour last year. When is your next one?”

Brooke warmed to the girl. She was a real fan of Brooke – not just someone who only associates her with their red-headed sex dream. “Sure.”

11-22-19_1:13:21 PM

“Say cheese!” Brooke grinned, before handing her back her phone. “What’s your name?”

“Matilda. Thankyou soooo much.” She gushed, looking at the photo.

“Is it okay if I rejoin my sister now?” Brooke asked politely.

“Of course! Of course!” Hugging the fan once more, she turned to return to her table. “Oh, and Brooke?”

Brooke turned her head to see Matilda looking slightly saddened. “I was sorry to hear about you and Casper. ”

Me too, honey, me too.

12-03-19_7:29:35 PM

“Greg! Greg! Look here, Brooke!”

“Miss. Asteria! Miss. Asteria!”

The screams of both paparazzi and fans meshed into one as Brooke alternated from pose to pose. Greg did the same, and occasionally brushed against her shoulder, sending goosebumps up her neck. Probably disgust.

12-03-19_7:29:16 PM “Brooke Asteria!” One reporter asked her as she turned to face him. “Darias Star, Hello! Magazine. Care to comment on rumours that you and gorgeous Greg over here are an item?”

Brooke paused, reaching out to grab his hand. It made her want to retch, but they had to look like they really were a couple. “Well, Darias, we’ve been keeping it quiet, but…We’re totally into each other.” She laughed casually, playfully nudging her co-stars shoulder. He was pleasantly surprised at her ability not to seem like a bitch.

12-03-19_7:32:40 PM

“Sooo cute! Just darling! But Gregory, how do we know you’ve changed your playboy ways?” Darias questioned him. “After all, this young lady is well on her way to becoming America’s sweetheart!”

12-03-19_7:30:47 PM

“She’s totally a sweetheart, buddy.” Greg smiled, dazzling the reporter. He squeezed Brooke’s hand, which was small and dainty in his, looking at her with admiration. She was a beautiful girl. But she wasn’t interested in doing this thing for real, so he wasn’t going to let himself get too invested.

12-03-19_7:35:39 PM

“Hey, hot stuff, d’ya think he bought it?” Pulling her to one side, Greg whispered closely to Brooke with a cheeky grin.

“Let’s get one thing straight.” Brooke hissed from behind a smile. “This is pretend, and pretend only. I don’t like you.” Even though she found herself wanting to, she couldn’t be his friend. This couldn’t be a personal relationship.

“Fine.” Greg replied, masking the hurt he felt after actually trying to be friendly. “Then your acting sucked. Worse than in the movie.”

And with that, he kissed her on the head and smiled for the cameras, walking into the theatre. She could still feel his lips on her forehead, and the guilt, when she made her own way inside.


2.1 Acting Off Screen

11-18-19_5:32:34 PM

3 Years Later

“You want me to do what?”

“Darling, think about it, it’s the most logical idea!” Chad Miraz, the most sought after agent in the city, sighed. Why was she always his most difficult client?

11-18-19_5:35:11 PMBrooke groaned, turning to glare at her co-star, who couldn’t seem more relaxed if he tried.

“And you’re ok with this, Gregory?” She hissed at him, his only response being a shrug.

11-18-19_5:34:07 PM

“I’m down for anything that’s going to make the movie sell well. I don’t think it’d be that bad either.” He grinned, winking at her, which just made Brooke even more infuriated.

“Exactly! Not that bad!” Chad mused, gazing at Greg in delight. He’d always been such an easy going client, even if he had his fair share of dating scandals in the past. This relationship would do his reputation some good, too.

11-18-19_5:33:41 PM

“I already have a boyfriend! His name is Casper, you’ve met him like a zillion times, Chad, remember?” Brooke folded her arms, reluctantly. Movie or not, she wasn’t going to give up her relationship.

“Ah, yes, childhood sweetheart boy, very nice, smells like apples.” He nodded and Brooke rolled her eyes. Even though Casper did kind of smell like apples. “But childhood sweetheart who isn’t famous won’t get you to the A-List, sweetheart! An A Lister will.”

11-18-19_5:35:59 PM“No way,” She snapped, standing up. This time it was Greg’s turn to roll his eyes.

“Oh, please. It doesn’t have to be real, not if you don’t want it to. You’ll just have to be a bit more private about your little country boy.”

Clenching her fists, Brooke turned to glare at him. She didn’t understand the big deal surrounding Gregory Waters – sure, he’d had a few hit movies and all of the world had seen his abs, but so what? He couldn’t sing or dance, and he could barely act – he was just pretty to look at.

11-18-19_5:37:58 PM“Of course!” Chad rushed to agree. “Honey, this is going to be the best step of your career, I promise.”

Brooke swallowed, contemplating the idea. She would be the envy of every teenage girl in the country…and Greg sure did get a lot of attention from the press. But she couldn’t, could she?

“Come on, let me see you together!” Her agent grinned, pushing Greg towards her so that they were standing so close, their arms brushed.

11-18-19_5:37:44 PM

Brooke snorted. “This entire idea is ridiculous.” She giggled even more, looking at Greg staring seriously into the distance. Was he for real? What a poser.

“You look beautiful together.” Chad gasped. “I do think I have the best ideas sometimes, don’t you?!” Clapping his hands together, he ran to hug the pair of them.

“Talk to Casper about it, sweetie.” He pleaded. “I’m sure he’ll come around.”

11-18-19_5:43:43 PMWith no idea how to even bring the idea up, or how her boyfriend react, Brooke’s head was full of fog that evening. And Casper could tell.

“Hey baby…” He grinned, leaning over her to give her a big kiss.

“Hey…” Brooke sighed.

11-18-19_5:42:33 PM

“What’s up, beautiful?” He asked, stroking her face. The way that he spoke to her made Brooke feel 10x worse for what she needed to say.

11-18-19_5:46:58 PM

“I need to talk to you, Casp.” Gulping, Brooke sat up straight next to him. She could see the worry in his eyes.

“You can tell me anything, you know that.”

“My career has really took off this year, Casper. Since finishing college and my first tour, the offers for work have been flowing in…”

11-18-19_5:47:50 PM

“I know all this, baby. Remember? I sat with you reading scripts until we found Invincible. It’s going  to be so good!” He smiled sweetly, taking her hand in his. It felt warm, and there was that same familiar apple smell that Chad had talked about. He smelled of home.

“But,  me and Gregory…my co-star…well, our agent wants us to spend a lot of time together to promote the movie…”

“I’m not the jealous type, Brooke.” Casper raised an eyebrow defensively. How could she think that he’d be like that?

11-18-19_5:50:00 PM

“I know Casper. But…I’m just going to say it, they want us to date.”

And with that one statement, Casper felt his heart drop.

“But not for real!” Brooke added quickly. “It’d just be in public…I can’t stand the guy, not really!”

11-18-19_5:49:12 PM

Casper softened slightly. It still wasn’t what he wanted to hear, but it didn’t sound like it was what she really wanted.

“So…what would that mean for us?” He asked.

“We’d have to be a secret, baby.” Brooke sighed, one tear rolling down her cheek. Casper was silent for a while. “But I won’t do it! Not unless you’re prepared to.”

“Please…say something,Casper.”

“And…it would help your career?” Biting his lip, Casper still couldn’t look at her. He knew this wasn’t Brooke’s choice, but he couldn’t help but feel mad.

“Chad says it would. And I do believe him, even if I hate to.”

11-18-19_5:53:43 PM

Casper sighed, turning to look at his girlfriend of 3 and a half years. They’d been through so much together, and the distance had always been so hard till he’d moved to the city to be close to her. What was one more challenge?

“We’ll get through it.” He smiled weakly. “We always do.”

A tear streaming down Brooke’s cheek, she held him close. This was the weirdest situation she’d ever been in.

Could she really do this for her dreams?

Could she really ever pretend to love someone else, when her heart belonged to him?

1.33 Saying Goodbye

10-29-19_6:33:42 PM

Saying goodbye is never easy. This was something Adelaide had learned at a young age, but it was never something she got over.

She’d thought that losing her mother for the first time, at only 18 years old, had been hard enough. But a second time?

10-29-19_6:32:13 PM “My wife, Nancy. She was the absolute love of my life. The mother of my two girls.” Xavier sniffled, glancing at Adelaide and Robyn. How grown up they were now, with their own beautiful children. Already now his granddaughters were growing up, and Brooke would soon be off to college.

“A long time ago, I thought that I lost her. She was stolen away from me for a year, a year in which it seemed my whole world fell apart. The grief I felt then, it’s everywhere today. It surrounds me. We got to spend an extra 18 years together, and I cherish these years. I’m still finding it hard to believe that she’s really gone…”

10-29-19_6:32:53 PM

Cancer’s a bitch. Brooke thought, staring at the coffin before her. Was that really her grandma Nancy? There? In that coffin?

She couldn’t be leaving at a worse time. In fact, she’d even considered postponing her start at college, but her mom had insisted she go anyway.

10-29-19_6:32:25 PMChristy was heartbroken. Her and Grandma Nancy had been incredibly close too, and it had been Christina who visited every day after school whilst Brooke had been hanging out with Casper or at dance practise. It made her feel so guilty.

11-06-19_3:46:08 PM

Nancy had always loved the evening sky – her first ever date with Xavier had been star gazing under the moon. He’d only seen it fitting to hold her funeral at dusk – and the lanterns and candles that her admirers had left filled the family graveyard, illuminating the tear splattered faces of their family members. It was beautiful, just like his late wife

11-06-19_4:18:52 PM“Mom..” Addy wailed, reaching out for the coffin. Her heart was broken. She was really gone this time…

“Shhhh, Adelaide…” Cameron soothed his wife lovingly. He wished so much that he could take away her pain…

11-06-19_3:45:18 PM

“Daddy.” Christy sniffled into her dad’s shoulder. He held her tightly. His heart ached too, for his kind mother in law. Even before he and Adelaide had got together, the families had been close. Of course, except his sister, Mia. She’d always hated Addy so stayed away from the Adelaide family.

11-06-19_3:45:14 PM

“God takes the best.” Nadine wiped tears away, muttering to herself quietly. She’d known this day was coming, with Nancy’s illness being so long drawn out, but she couldn’t quite prepare herself.

Christy came over, squeezing her Nana’s hand. “It’ll be ok, Nana. It’ll be ok.” She knew her nana would really need her now, after losing Gramps Ben not so long ago too.

11-06-19_3:45:47 PM

“Daddy! Where are we?” Lukas asked inquisitively. This left Ben stumped – he didn’t really know how to explain the concept of a funeral to a three year old.

“Uhh.. Well, Great Grandma Nancy has gone to heaven, you see, Luke?”

“Where’s heaven?”

11-06-19_4:19:47 PM


Ben took to distracting his son, teaching him how to fly, and lifting the spirits of the other mourners. Ben chuckled, watching his closest cousin’s son giggle. She’d married a good man.

Robyn couldn’t help but smile at her son. After all, Grandma had always told her to keep smiling once she’d gone. She’d been so proud to meet Ben…

11-06-19_4:20:54 PM

“Mom, are you still sure I should…”

“Don’t finish that question, Brooke Payton Asteria!” Robyn tutted, as Addy pulled her eldest in for a hug.

“You’re going, Brooke. Grandma would have killed me if I didn’t make you.”

11-06-19_4:21:04 PM

Brooke knew she was right, secretly. “I’m scared.” She whispered.

“It is scary, saying goodbye, sweetheart. But it’s the only way for new beginnings to happen.” Addy reminded her, smelling the sweet scent of Brooke’s hair.

11-06-19_4:22:02 PM

“And you’re going to be alright, aren’t you, baby C?” Brooke knocked her sisters arm playfully.

“Are you kidding? I’m turning your room into a closet!” Christina chuckled.

Adelaide couldn’t be prouder of her girls. Though they looked so different to each other, they really were the perfect sisters.

11-06-19_4:24:30 PM

Later that evening, Addy sat by her mother’s grave. She’d told everyone she’d meet them at the house for the wake.

“I did alright mom, didn’t I? In the end.” She sighed, smiling. She remembered many moons ago, when this had been her special place to remember her mom..It made her sad to think now this would be again.

But she had to think of the advice she had given her own daughter just that day.

Saying goodbye is never easy, but it is the only way for new beginnings to happen.

That’s it guys! Generation 1 is done (only took me a year and 33 chapters LOL.) You chose Brooke as the heir, thanks to whoever voted! I can’t promise regular updates, as this is really just a hobby I enjoy myself in secret from the world hehe….And I do go through phases of being too busy to write. But I promise if you check every now and again, there will always be more to read! Love you for reading this far on my little blog x G x

1.32 3 Toddlers, 2 Dogs (One VERY pregnant dog)

“That’s it girls! Work the camera!” Kevin grinned, flashing 5000 photos of his cousin’s daughter, all grown up. Brooke and Andy looked fantastic as they flipped their hair and moved for the camera, finding the best poses for instagram.

10-04-19_1:19:18 PM

“I can’t believe how grown up you are, sis!” Christy grinned, proud of her big sister. She could only hope she looked as good as Brooke on her own prom night.

“Thanks, twerp.” Knocking her arm playfully, Brooke pulled out her phone.

“Say cheese!” She laughed, clicking the button to get every last angle. She wanted enough memories of tonight to last a life time..

“When you’re a famous dancer, we’ll be looking back at these pics and remembering you before you became a star!” Christina grinned.

“Don’t be stupid, Chris.”

10-04-19_1:22:06 PM

“She’s not being stupid, she’s being realistic!” Cameron’s gruff voice came from behind Brooke and she turned to hug her dad tight. “I’m so proud of you princess. Both of you. My girls.”

He pulled Christy into the hug and the three of them laughed together happily.

10-04-19_1:24:58 PM

“There you are, gorgeous.” Casper grinned, taking hold of Brooke’s hands. They’d been dating for almost 6 months now, and he couldn’t believe how lucky he was. He just knew their relationship was going to survive Brooke being at performing arts school.

10-08-19_12:21:26 PM

As everyone danced and mingled together, Brooke looked at the collection of cheeky toddlers dancing next to her. George, wearing his coolest bunny with glasses hoodie, was looking anxiously for his mom (who hadn’t even left yet) and Lucas, aunt Robyn’s two year old adoptee, had that gleaming look in his eye that meant trouble. She didn’t even know where Willow, Elena’s youngest, had toddled off too.

“Christy, are you sure you can handle all this crazy?”

“Sure, Zac is coming over soon, we’ll be just dandy!” She hoped…

10-08-19_12:20:58 PM

“She’s right, you know, Christy. 3 kids and 2 dogs, one very pregnant dog, is hard work!”

“Aunt Robyn, I’ll be fine. Mom said you used to get grief off her like this too, don’t you remember?”

She did. Was Robyn turning into Addy? Mind you, she understood the worry now that she was a mom too.

10-08-19_12:30:33 PM

“We’re gonna be just fine! Right Lucas?” Christy swooped the toddler up and he gasped in surprise, before bursting into a fit of giggles.

“Yes!Yes! Yes!” He was picking up English surprisingly quickly, but at that age it is supposed to be much easier, right?

“Hmmm. Okay. I’ll be back 11 latest though, ok?” Robyn promised.

Christy nodded, too busy flying Lucas around and pretending he was an aeroplane.

10-08-19_12:25:56 PM

“Okay, I’m here! Panic over!” Zac grinned, running through the doors. Christy rolled her eyes, standing up from changing Willow’s diaper.

“If I was paying you, I’d fire you. Just saying.”

“Ahhh, but you’re not, dear friend!”

10-08-19_12:26:59 PM

Staring at them expectantly, the three toddlers started to whine. “I’m boredddd.” Willow sighed.

“Where’s mommy?” Her brother groaned impatiently. George definitely had attachment issues.

“Yes! Mommy!” Lucas added and Christina began to question that understanding of English that she had so quickly praised…

“You guys, we’re gonna have so much fun!” Zac grinned and Christy couldn’t help but smile at his enthusiasm. He’d grown up so much since they first became friends not so long ago, but he was still the same cheeky chappy. Except he’d got pretty cute…

10-08-19_12:31:04 PM

“Who wants a piggy back ride?” He grinned, and Willow held out her arms expectantly.

“Picky uppy! Picky uppy!” Doing as she said, Zac took her in his arms and began to twirl and twirl and twirl. She didn’t tire, even after his back was hurting and he was breaking a sweat.

10-08-19_3:55:23 PM

When she finally let him walk to the kitchen to get a drink of water, Zac was stopped in surprise in the hallway.

“Christina! Come quickly!” He yelled.

10-08-19_3:58:41 PM

“What is it…Oh!”  Christy gasped as she burst through the door into the hallway, standing behind him. She couldn’t believe her eyes!

10-08-19_3:54:48 PM

There was Lady, with her long awaited puppy.Christy had expected more really, but was delighted nonetheless.

“Oh Zac, look at him!”

10-08-19_4:00:48 PM

“What are we gonna call you, little fella?” She beamed as Zac crouched down next to her, petting Lady gently on the head.

“He sure is little. What about Scrappy, like from Scooby Doo?” Zac suggested.

10-08-19_4:00:55 PM

“Scrappy Doo. I like it!” Christina laughed, as the three toddlers suddenly came charging in. Screams of Woggy! filled the room, and everyone queued to get a cuddle from the newest member of the family. Christy couldn’t have been happier.


1.31 Star In Her Own Right

10-03-19_2:26:30 PM

“Robyn!” Adelaide ran to greet her not-so-little sister, a grin spread across her face.  She’d had to dodge some people, and the scowls of unapproving grannies, but it was worth it to run to Robs side.

“Hey, Addy!” Robyn laughed, hugging her sister back in delight. It felt an age since they’d seen each other.

“How was the trip?” Addy knew it hadn’t been for a holiday, although it had still been Robyn’s greatest pleasure, and she was still so excited to hear all about it.

“Oh, Ads, it was great. He really is the cutest baby, and Sebastian really took to him straight away. I can’t believe he’s going to be our son.” The news of their adoption was long awaited and Addy felt tears stream in her eyes at the thought of finally meeting her nephew.

10-03-19_2:29:36 PM

“How’s Lady, huh?” Xavier smiled, nudging his youngest granddaughter. Christy’s eyes lit up at the mention of her dog.

“She’s really, really pregnant! The vet said she could have up to 10 puppies! Imagine that!” Christy laughed.

“If I know your mother, I think she’d probably prefer less. They’re gonna be a real handful!” Xavier chuckled.

“Don’t you worry, grandpa! I’m gonna take great care of them, I promise.”

10-03-19_2:20:13 PM

In her dressing room, Brooke sighed in to the mirror. She didn’t know how she was going to do this without…

Andrina?” Brooke thought she was dreaming, but there was her best friend, at the dressing room door.

“Hey.” Andy smiled sheepishly, feeling slightly embarrassed. She knew how sorry Brooke felt and after a talk with her mom she’d found herself to be in the wrong, not poor Brooke.

10-03-19_2:22:30 PM

Brooke rushed to hug her bestie in relief. She must have called her 200 times… Brooke had thought that Andy would never, ever forgive her.

“I’m so sorry.” They both sobbed in unison, before giggling. They’d always been able to do that – they’d always pretended they were the twins when they were little, and Casper and Brooke had been switched.

10-03-19_2:23:53 PM

“Brooke, no. I let my jealousy for Casper get in the way of our friendship and I should have put you first.”

“But should have put you first!”

“No.” Andy shook her head firmly. “I can tell you love my brother. I should be happy for him.” Now that’s a big word.

10-03-19_2:24:19 PM

Brooke peeked her head around the corner of the dressing room, watching everyone file into the theatre, and gulped. There were a lot of people out there, and she was used to a big audience but not this big. Jen had really gone all out for the arrival of the scouts.

10-03-19_2:24:09 PM

“C’mon girl, you can do this. I know you can.” Andy smiled, placing a hand on Brooke.

“I love you.” Brooke sighed.

“I love you too. You’ll always be a sister to me, Brooke. Knock ’em dead!”

10-03-19_1:30:04 PM

“O Romeo, Romeo! wherefore art thou Romeo?
Deny thy father and refuse thy name;
Or, if thou wilt not, be but sworn my love,
And I’ll no longer be a Capulet.”

Brooke shone on the stage, perfecting the part of Juliet. She captured the audience’s attention unlike any other.

10-03-19_1:32:15 PM

“Shall I hear more, or shall I speak at this?” Casper’s voice hummed smoothly from the side of the stage.

‘Tis but thy name that is my enemy:
Thou art thyself, though not a Montague.
What’s Montague? It is nor hand, nor foot..”

Brooke spoke softly, never taking her eyes off the audience. If she dared to look at Casper herself, she knew she’d melt. She’d blamed him for what happened with Andy… but he’d been right, really. She couldn’t stay away from him.

10-03-19_1:54:58 PM

As Casper leapt over the balcony, Brooke gasped and looked around to make sure no one was coming, staying perfectly in character.

“How cam’st thou hither, tell me, and wherefore?
The orchard walls are high and hard to climb,
And the place death, considering who thou art,
If any of my kinsmen find thee here.”

10-03-19_1:55:14 PM

“With love’s light wings did I o’erperch these walls,
For stony limits cannot hold love out,
And what love can do, that dares love attempt:
Therefore thy kinsmen are no stop to me.” Whispering the next lines, Casper felt them resonate within him, and he knew what he had to do.

10-03-19_2:10:16 PM

Seconds later they were intertwined, no longer performers on a stage but lovers in private. The entire theatre seemed to fade away in that moment.

10-03-19_1:54:48 PM

“Is that supposed to happen?” Cameron grumbled, hating the sight of a teenage boy with his hands all over his daughter.

“Casper and Brookie kissing in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G!” Christy giggled, only to be hushed by her mother ( and a mean old lady in the row behind)

10-03-19_2:12:13 PMFrom the balcony above, a stranger watched in awe of Brooke and all her grace..

10-03-19_2:17:34 PM

Dancing on the stage, filled with a rush of adrenaline from the kiss they’d just shared, Brooke and Casper’s steps fell perfectly in time with one another.

10-03-19_2:35:37 PM

“I am so proud of the three of you.” Jennifer grinned, standing on stage with her gorgeous children and star of the night. Brooke seemed to radiate beauty as she continued to catch loving glimpses at Casper. Jen could see her squeezing his hand every now and again, to see if all this was real.

10-03-19_2:37:10 PM

“I’m sorry, Andy. For everything.” Casper sighed, pulling his sister into a huge hug. She’d always felt like the little one in their relationship even though she was 4 minutes older.

“I think I’ve been a bit unfair too, bro. I love you.” Andrina agreed, cuddling into him.

“Brooke, I’ve got someone I’d like you to meet…” Smirking, Jen pulled Brooke to the side and up the stairs to the balcony level of the theatre.

10-03-19_2:32:20 PM

“Hi, sir. Ms. Hodge said you’d like to speak to me?” Brooke smiled, politely. Her heart beat rapidly at the notion that this man could be the person that holds her future, as Jen had promised. The scout.

“Brooke! It’s a pleasure to meet you.” He grinned, shaking her hand.

10-03-19_2:32:58 PM

“My name is Mr. Archello. I am the vice principal of the National School of Ballet, and I’d like to invite you to train with us once you finish your senior year, if you’d be interested.”

“I-I- I couldn’t thank you enough!” Barely able to speak, Brooke beamed at the teacher, tears gleaming in her eyes.

“I recognise talent when I see it, Ms. Asteria. You have a bright future in the industry. Not only for your incredible dance skills, but your artistic performance as an actress.”

10-03-19_2:33:04 PM

Resisting the urge to hug him, Brooke held back the tears and swallowed. “I can’t..I can’t believe this. You’re making my life long dream come true!”

“Congratulations, Miss. Asteria. I hope to see you in the fall.” He said, leaving swiftly with a bow of his head.

Oh, you will sir, you will.



Heir Vote!

There are only 3 chapters left of generation one, which is super sad, but don’t worry we haven’t seen the end of Addy yet! There are two gorgeous girls who we could follow for generation 2, and I’m hoping enough people want to vote so that I don’t have to pick myself and be all bias!

Candidate 1: Brooke Payton Asteria







Brooke is the eldest of Addy’s two daughters. Her father is the notorious Marcus Moseley, who tricked Adelaide into a relationship in order to kidnap her. She has had a bumpy upbringing, with her father coming in and out of her life and even daring to kidnap her, but her step father Cam has been a true dad to her her whole life. She is a keen dancer, hoping to one day open her own dance school or become a famous dancer, along with her best friend Andrina. Unfortunately, Brooke only has eyes for Andrina’s brother Casper, an idea that Andy despises. Will it work out with Casper? Will Brooke get the famous future and happy family she dreams of?


Candidate 2: Christina Nancy Asteria





Christy is the baby of the family! She is the daughter of Adelaide and Cameron, happily married amazing parents. So far, she is still only young but is compassionate, loving and absolutely bonkers about animals! Her best friend is her dog, Lady, as well as Zac and his own dog Elvis. Together, the young pair dream of having their own vet surgery, always playing make believe with their pets – they are sure to be friends for life. Christy has a bright future ahead of her and will surely be a beautiful teenager and then young adult. Will she have her dream career? Will her and Zac forever be friends, or something more?


Vote Now

1.30 Caught Red Handed

09-26-19_9:42:54 PM“What man art thou that, thus bescreened in night,
So stumblest on my counsel?” Brooke sighed dramatically.

“By a name
I know not how to tell thee who I am:
My name, dear saint, is hateful to myself,
Because it is an enemy to thee.
Had I it written, I would tear the word.”

“Brilliant, stop right there!” Jen grinned, stopping both Casper and Brooke in their tracks. Brooke tried to avoid his gaze – she’d spent the entire rehearsal wondering if his adoring looks were real or if he was just acting. Something in his eyes told her that it was real.

“I’m off for a coffee. BRB, as you guys say!” The teacher grinned, darting out the door and up the stairs.

09-26-19_9:42:58 PM

“You look really nice today, Brooke.” He smiled sheepishly, as soon as his mother left. Brooke couldn’t help but swoon, struggling to control herself. She had to think of her career, and do this without hurting Andy too.

“Thanks.” She whispered, looking down at the ground.

09-26-19_9:45:23 PM

“What made you change your mind?” Casper smiled sweetly, taking her hands. His own were rough from the hours he spent lifting weights, unlike Brooke’s smooth palms.

Brooke sighed. “Casper, this is strictly professional, ok?” Dropping his hands, she took a step back reluctantly, seeing disappointment flash across his face.

09-26-19_9:35:57 PM

“Don’t you want me, too? I’m sorry if I assumed that you..” Casper trailed off, looking slightly embarrassed. Brooke had never seen the big macho football player look so vulnerable, and found herself moving towards him to put a hand on his shoulder.

“No! Casper, I like you too. I do. But I can’t hurt Andy like this.”

09-26-19_9:36:48 PM

Suddenly, his strong arms were pulling her into him.

“Casper, what are you doing?” Brooke gasped, tingles moving up her body as he held her steadily.

“What I should of done when I turned up at your house last week.”

09-26-19_9:43:40 PM

And then his lips were on hers, setting her entire body afire. Brooke wanted him, and this so much, that her body just fell into his rhythm. She gave herself to him, kissing him passionately – he wasn’t her first kiss, but she wanted him to be her last.

09-26-19_9:38:04 PM

“Now you’re telling me we can ignore that?” He muttered afterwards, pressing his forehead against Brooke’s. He couldn’t believe he’d finally kissed the girl he’d wanted all his life.


09-26-19_9:44:53 PM

“How could you!” Brooke’s head whirled round in surprise as Andy’s high pitched yell sounded out across the dance studio. She was covering her eyes, standing in absolute shock at the image of her best friend and her brother. 

He’d managed to finally make sure she had nothing that was hers, and hers alone.

09-26-19_9:45:14 PM

“Andy! Andy, I can explain!” Brooke gasped, unable to comprehend the situation. She could practically see the steam coming out of Andrina’s ears.

“Explain this – why did you lie to me? Why didn’t you care enough to listen when I asked you to stay away? I defended you to Minnie when she went crazy! I defend you to the world! I love you, your my best friend! Him? I’d expect this from. But you? Never.”


“Don’t bother.”

09-26-19_9:40:00 PMAs Andrina turned and began to storm away, Brooke hurried to follow her.

“Brooke, wait! Don’t let Andy change this. You can’t change how you feel and she can’t make you.”

09-26-19_9:40:11 PM

“What I feel, Casper, is like a traitor. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go apologise to my best friend.” Brooke glowered. She couldn’t believe how selfish he was – his sister was the most important thing right now, not their relationship.

If you could even call it that.


09-26-19_9:53:10 PM

Christy was just chillin’ and swimmin’ with her dogs one day when the doorbell rang. Lady and Tramp, as she’d decided to call the Yorkie, loved swimming together in the family pool and whilst spring break was nearly over the three were making the most of the pool.

“I’ll go get that. Stay here, guys.”

Lady and Tramp were more than happy to stay together.

09-26-19_9:55:38 PM

At the door was a little red-headed kid, probably not much older than Christy herself.

“Hey, sorry to bother you, but have you seen a dog around here in the last few days?” The boy smiled politely. Christina immediately stiffened, going on the defence.

“You’re gonna have to be more specific, a lot of dogs come around here.” He couldn’t mean Tramp, could he?

09-26-19_9:55:03 PM

“Oh, well sure. He’s small, brown and black, and a yorkshire terrier.” Uh oh. “So have you seen him?”

“Uuuhhhh…” The moment of truth.”No! Hehe. Nope. No dogs here. I don’t even have a dog. What’s a dog? Kidding! I totally know. But I don’t have one.”

“Riiiiiight…” The boy frowned, beginning to turn around.

09-26-19_9:59:29 PM

Just at that point, Tramp came running around the side of the house with Lady in tow, barking away.

“Hey, there he is!” The boy grinned a huge grin, and Christy was ready to cry. He was going to take her dog! “Elvis! Come here boy!”

“Elvis?” Christy questioned. What a weird name for a dog.

09-26-19_10:00:51 PM

“I missed you soooo much, buddy. Thanks so much for helping me find my dog!”

Elvis licked eagerly at the boys face – he definitely knew him, there was no doubt about it.

09-26-19_10:01:10 PM

He noticed that Christy looked pretty bummed as he cuddled his pet and felt kinda bad. Sure, she’d lied about having him but clearly she’d already started to love the pup.

“How can I ever thank you….?” He trailed off, waiting for a name.

“Christina.” She sighed.

09-26-19_9:57:35 PM

“Christina. Cool name. I’m Zac.” The boy grinned, as Elvis squirmed to jump out of his arms and greet the happy little spaniel that had followed him. She was a gorgeous dog, and Elvis seemed to really like her. “Say, our dogs seem to be great friends. Should we hang out a while and let them play?”

Christina beamed. Maybe Elvis wasn’t hers anymore, but he’d get to stay a little longer. Maybe this wasn’t goodbye. “Sure.”

09-26-19_10:05:01 PM

“So your Dad is a vet? Dude, that’s so cool!” Christy grinned.

“Yep, I wanna be one too. I wanna be just like him!” Zac agreed, laughing as Lady and Elvis jumped all over each other.

“That would be like, the best job.”

09-26-19_10:06:01 PM

“I’m really sorry I lied, Zac. I didn’t mean to steal your dog…I just couldn’t bare to separate him and Lady!”

“That’s okay, I got my best bud back. And some new buds. And I promise I’ll bring Elvis over all the time, if you like?”

“I don’t just like, I love!”

09-26-19_10:07:57 PM

That night, after Zac had left, Christy found herself calling him again already. For very, very good reason…

“Zac? It’s Christy! Look, you’ll never guess what my mom just told me…

Lady’s gonna have puppies.”

1.29 The Show Must Go On

09-26-19_8:39:20 PM

“Oh, I’m so nervous, I feel sick…” One of the other girls from the dancing school whispered, not daring to look yet.

“Hey look, Brooke!” Andy grinned.

09-26-19_8:36:29 PM

“I don’t understand..How could this be? I…I dropped out of the running.”

09-26-19_8:36:40 PM

There it was, clear as day, typed neatly onto a sheet of A4.

Juliet Capulet Brooke Asteria

09-26-19_8:39:00 PM

Lady Capulet.” Minnie growled, the disgust in her voice evidence as she began to ball up her fists in anger. Brooke had taken the lead from her one too many times.

09-26-19_8:41:59 PM

Snarling, she lunged towards her worst enemy. “You! You can’t let me have anything, can you? Stupid bitch!”

Brooke held her back. “Get off me, Minnie!”

09-26-19_8:44:31 PM

“STOP!” Andrina yelled, launching herself between them. “It’s a stupid play, Minnie.”

“I don’t even want the part!” Brooke sighed.

09-26-19_8:44:50 PM

“You don’t want it?” Astonished, Minnie composed herself.

“You heard her. She’s focusing on school this year because she has a life outside this studio.” Brooke’s stomach became a ball of guilt. Technically it wasn’t a lie. She should probably do more school work, anyway.


09-26-19_9:00:15 PM

“Go on, Lady! You can do it, girl!” Cheering her best bud on, Christy squealed in delight as Lady glided through the hoop. They’d been practising all week, and now Lady knew exactly what to do.

09-26-19_9:06:48 PM

As if from nowhere though, another friendly face suddenly appeared at the front of the house. Another dog! Both Lady and the yorkie sniffed each other and barked, tails wagging as Christy looked on in surprise.

09-26-19_9:07:21 PM

“Hey, little dude! What are you doing here all by yourself?” Christy grinned, racing to greet her new tail wagging chum.

09-26-19_9:08:12 PM

The dog was super friendly and eager to give Christy a cuddle, and played with Lady like they’d been friends their whole lives.

“Don’t you have a collar? Are you a stray?” She whispered, wishing dogs could talk.

09-26-19_9:08:42 PM

“Ohhh, aren’t you the sweetest boy? Don’t worry, you can stay here. Mom!” Calling up the front porch, Christy cradled the dog in her arms. He really seemed to enjoy the attention.

09-26-19_9:10:06 PM

“Another dog, Christina? I don’t know…” Dad muttered, turning to face her mom.

Adelaide sighed. She hated saying no to the girls, but they already had a dog! “What if he has a home?”

09-26-19_9:10:36 PM

“Can’t we just look after him and find out? He needs us, mom! Pleaseee! Look, he likes you!” Christy grinned as the dog rubbed against her mom’s legs, licking them and making her giggle.

09-26-19_9:11:48 PM

The dog certainly knew how to put on a performance, pawing at her dad too.

09-26-19_9:11:52 PM

“He is pretty cute… What do you think, Adelaide?” Cam asked his wife, sighing. He shared their daughters soft spot for animals and couldn’t dream of leaving a dog out on the street.

09-26-19_9:13:40 PM

Addy sighed, reaching down to Christina’s eye level.

“Listen, missy mop.” Her daughter nodded eagerly in response. Christy could sense a ‘yes’ on the horizon. “Dogs are a lot of responsibility.”

“Yeah, but I take great care of Lady!”

09-26-19_9:13:33 PM

Adelaide laughed, smiling. “You do. So I’m trusting you to take care of him, okay?”

Christy grinned, throwing her arms around her mom. “Thanks a million, mommy!”

“But you gotta remember, he might already have a family out there, ok?”

Christy wasn’t really listening to that part, just thinking of dog names.

09-26-19_8:49:22 PM

“I just can’t take the part, Jennifer. You knew that before…”

“Yes, Brooke.” The dance teacher cut her off before she could finish. “But I didn’t know you were lying about your reasons.”

Brooke gulped.

09-26-19_8:48:52 PM

“I can explain…”

“Please, Brooke, Casper’s been moaping about the house all week! I knew it was weird when he actually volunteered to be in the show. I’m sorry but I know you. If you want to be a professional dancer, you’re going to have to deal with difficult colleagues!”

“Yes, ma’am.” Brooke shifted her feet side to side guiltily.

09-26-19_8:49:55 PM

“Brooke, sweetheart, there are scouts coming to this show. I’d already arranged for a representative from the National School of Ballet for you.”

Brooke gasped at the mention of the college she’d always dreamed of going to. She’d had no idea that Jen had set this opportunity up for her…

09-26-19_8:49:42 PM

“I don’t know, Mrs. Hodge. Andrina…”

09-26-19_8:49:59 PM

“Andy would be upset, yes. But would she forgive you? Of course, Brooke. My daughter will always look out for her best friend. I’m sorry but the show must go on.”

Brooke sighed. She was right. This could be a huge opportunity for Brooke – she had to take the chance.

Surely it wouldn’t be that hard to stay away from Casper, right?

1.28 The Party, Pt 2

09-12-19_5:24:58 PM

“Hey, we may be old but we can still boogie! Right, Xavier?” Chuckling, Nancy shook her hips as her eldest daughter laughed along.

“Ooooh, yeah, baby!”

Nancy did get tired pretty soon though. Her health wasn’t the best these days, and after her recent cancer diagnosis, she’d refused to let chemo control her and shaved all her hair off before it could start.

09-12-19_5:29:41 PM

“Hey, pumpkin.” Grandma Asteria smiled, squeezing Christy’s cheeks. She was the spitting image of her Dad, as was Brooke, and she hoped Adelaide’s gorgeous bright red hair would make a reappearance in her great grandchildren. Even though both Christina and Brooke were perfectly gorgeous!

“Hey Grandma, are you feeling ok today?” Christina asked. Her grandma was still sooo pretty – even with no hair.

“Perfect as a peach, Christy.” if a peach was squished and rotten…

09-12-19_5:32:29 PM

It wasn’t long before Christina snuck off from all the dancing to find her real best pal,Lady.

“C’mon, Lady! Spin! That’s a good girl!” After the dog performed their latest trick, Christy collapsed to the floor in a frenzy of belly rubs and face licks.

09-12-19_5:32:40 PM

“Awww, you’re such a good girl, Lady.”

09-12-19_5:28:53 PM

“Look at our girls, Cam. I’m so proud. We did this together.” Stroking his face, Adelaide sighed in utter happiness.

“We are the luckiest parents in the world, right?” Watching their daughters dance together, it seemed like all the struggles in their lives would always be worth it.

09-12-19_5:27:01 PM

“So you’re telling me, Brooke Payton Asteria, that you’d rather do schoolwork than dance? Yeah, right!” Christy laughed as her sister twirled her round.

“Shhh, Christina! Don’t give me the full name treatment!”

“What a load of -”


“COMING, mom!”

09-12-19_5:38:21 PM

Brooke thought it was some kind of a joke when she answered the door. She’d thought grandpa had left his glasses, or Elena had left one of her pregnancy guides or something.

He never would have been her first guess.

09-12-19_5:38:26 PM


“Hey, Brooke.” He replied, sheepishly. She didn’t really know what to say.

“Can I, er, help you?”
09-12-19_5:41:31 PM

“My mom told me you dropped out of the running for Juliet. Why would you do that?”

“Casper, I, er-”

“No, Brooke, this is bull! Is it because of me? Do I make you uncomfortable?” He was so close now, Brooke could feel his breath on her. She saw the muscles flexing in his arms and swallowed.

09-12-19_5:42:03 PM

“Casper,I can’t do this right now.”

“Why? Brooke, there’s clearly something between us! I’ve liked you since I was 7, for god’s sake!” 7?!!! What?!! Annoying Casper? Casper who always got her out in tag? Casper who would find her first in hide and seek and break into her and Andy’s forts…oh.

09-12-19_5:42:40 PM

“Casper, this can’t happen. Andy-” Brooke gasped as he took her hand. His hand was warm, and her whole arm tingled from his touch.

“Andy doesn’t matter right now, Brooke. I can’t take this any longer.”

09-12-19_5:55:36 PM

And there, as the sun went down, Brooke felt herself giving into him as his arms slid around her waist. Their lips were so close. It’d only be a second, and she’d be kissing him…She’d be kissing her best friend’s brother.


09-12-19_5:56:09 PM

“I can’t do this, Casper.”

“Brooke, please! For once in your life, put yourself before Andy’s demands!”

09-12-19_5:57:49 PM

“Demands! Casper, you don’t get it, do you? You get everything. You’re the star football player, the guy every girl wants, the twin everyone wants to be friends with. You have everything. But what does Andy have?!”

“She has you.” Casper replied, slowly and quietly.

“Exactly.” Brooke paused for a second before opening her door, whispering back to him. “Good night, Casper.”

09-12-19_5:47:38 PM

“Why is Brooke all angry at him. He’s cute!” Christy sighed, getting up again to look out of the window at her sister.

“Leave her be, Christina.” Addy laughed. “Brooke is a very loyal person. He’s also Andrina’s brother.”

09-12-19_5:47:59 PM

Christy scooched up towards her mom.

“Well, if Andy loves Brooke she won’t mind, right?”

“I don’t think it works like that, sweetie.”

09-12-19_5:48:29 PM

“Teenagers are so confusing, mom!”

“Tell me about it.” Addy agreed, rolling her eyes. Just that moment, Brooke slammed the door. It was gonna be a long, confusing night.