1.28 The Party, Pt 2

09-12-19_5:24:58 PM

“Hey, we may be old but we can still boogie! Right, Xavier?” Chuckling, Nancy shook her hips as her eldest daughter laughed along.

“Ooooh, yeah, baby!”

Nancy did get tired pretty soon though. Her health wasn’t the best these days, and after her recent cancer diagnosis, she’d refused to let chemo control her and shaved all her hair off before it could start.

09-12-19_5:29:41 PM

“Hey, pumpkin.” Grandma Asteria smiled, squeezing Christy’s cheeks. She was the spitting image of her Dad, as was Brooke, and she hoped Adelaide’s gorgeous bright red hair would make a reappearance in her great grandchildren. Even though both Christina and Brooke were perfectly gorgeous!

“Hey Grandma, are you feeling ok today?” Christina asked. Her grandma was still sooo pretty – even with no hair.

“Perfect as a peach, Christy.” if a peach was squished and rotten…

09-12-19_5:32:29 PM

It wasn’t long before Christina snuck off from all the dancing to find her real best pal,Lady.

“C’mon, Lady! Spin! That’s a good girl!” After the dog performed their latest trick, Christy collapsed to the floor in a frenzy of belly rubs and face licks.

09-12-19_5:32:40 PM

“Awww, you’re such a good girl, Lady.”

09-12-19_5:28:53 PM

“Look at our girls, Cam. I’m so proud. We did this together.” Stroking his face, Adelaide sighed in utter happiness.

“We are the luckiest parents in the world, right?” Watching their daughters dance together, it seemed like all the struggles in their lives would always be worth it.

09-12-19_5:27:01 PM

“So you’re telling me, Brooke Payton Asteria, that you’d rather do schoolwork than dance? Yeah, right!” Christy laughed as her sister twirled her round.

“Shhh, Christina! Don’t give me the full name treatment!”

“What a load of -”


“COMING, mom!”

09-12-19_5:38:21 PM

Brooke thought it was some kind of a joke when she answered the door. She’d thought grandpa had left his glasses, or Elena had left one of her pregnancy guides or something.

He never would have been her first guess.

09-12-19_5:38:26 PM


“Hey, Brooke.” He replied, sheepishly. She didn’t really know what to say.

“Can I, er, help you?”
09-12-19_5:41:31 PM

“My mom told me you dropped out of the running for Juliet. Why would you do that?”

“Casper, I, er-”

“No, Brooke, this is bull! Is it because of me? Do I make you uncomfortable?” He was so close now, Brooke could feel his breath on her. She saw the muscles flexing in his arms and swallowed.

09-12-19_5:42:03 PM

“Casper,I can’t do this right now.”

“Why? Brooke, there’s clearly something between us! I’ve liked you since I was 7, for god’s sake!” 7?!!! What?!! Annoying Casper? Casper who always got her out in tag? Casper who would find her first in hide and seek and break into her and Andy’s forts…oh.

09-12-19_5:42:40 PM

“Casper, this can’t happen. Andy-” Brooke gasped as he took her hand. His hand was warm, and her whole arm tingled from his touch.

“Andy doesn’t matter right now, Brooke. I can’t take this any longer.”

09-12-19_5:55:36 PM

And there, as the sun went down, Brooke felt herself giving into him as his arms slid around her waist. Their lips were so close. It’d only be a second, and she’d be kissing him…She’d be kissing her best friend’s brother.


09-12-19_5:56:09 PM

“I can’t do this, Casper.”

“Brooke, please! For once in your life, put yourself before Andy’s demands!”

09-12-19_5:57:49 PM

“Demands! Casper, you don’t get it, do you? You get everything. You’re the star football player, the guy every girl wants, the twin everyone wants to be friends with. You have everything. But what does Andy have?!”

“She has you.” Casper replied, slowly and quietly.

“Exactly.” Brooke paused for a second before opening her door, whispering back to him. “Good night, Casper.”

09-12-19_5:47:38 PM

“Why is Brooke all angry at him. He’s cute!” Christy sighed, getting up again to look out of the window at her sister.

“Leave her be, Christina.” Addy laughed. “Brooke is a very loyal person. He’s also Andrina’s brother.”

09-12-19_5:47:59 PM

Christy scooched up towards her mom.

“Well, if Andy loves Brooke she won’t mind, right?”

“I don’t think it works like that, sweetie.”

09-12-19_5:48:29 PM

“Teenagers are so confusing, mom!”

“Tell me about it.” Addy agreed, rolling her eyes. Just that moment, Brooke slammed the door. It was gonna be a long, confusing night.

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