1.30 Caught Red Handed

09-26-19_9:42:54 PM“What man art thou that, thus bescreened in night,
So stumblest on my counsel?” Brooke sighed dramatically.

“By a name
I know not how to tell thee who I am:
My name, dear saint, is hateful to myself,
Because it is an enemy to thee.
Had I it written, I would tear the word.”

“Brilliant, stop right there!” Jen grinned, stopping both Casper and Brooke in their tracks. Brooke tried to avoid his gaze – she’d spent the entire rehearsal wondering if his adoring looks were real or if he was just acting. Something in his eyes told her that it was real.

“I’m off for a coffee. BRB, as you guys say!” The teacher grinned, darting out the door and up the stairs.

09-26-19_9:42:58 PM

“You look really nice today, Brooke.” He smiled sheepishly, as soon as his mother left. Brooke couldn’t help but swoon, struggling to control herself. She had to think of her career, and do this without hurting Andy too.

“Thanks.” She whispered, looking down at the ground.

09-26-19_9:45:23 PM

“What made you change your mind?” Casper smiled sweetly, taking her hands. His own were rough from the hours he spent lifting weights, unlike Brooke’s smooth palms.

Brooke sighed. “Casper, this is strictly professional, ok?” Dropping his hands, she took a step back reluctantly, seeing disappointment flash across his face.

09-26-19_9:35:57 PM

“Don’t you want me, too? I’m sorry if I assumed that you..” Casper trailed off, looking slightly embarrassed. Brooke had never seen the big macho football player look so vulnerable, and found herself moving towards him to put a hand on his shoulder.

“No! Casper, I like you too. I do. But I can’t hurt Andy like this.”

09-26-19_9:36:48 PM

Suddenly, his strong arms were pulling her into him.

“Casper, what are you doing?” Brooke gasped, tingles moving up her body as he held her steadily.

“What I should of done when I turned up at your house last week.”

09-26-19_9:43:40 PM

And then his lips were on hers, setting her entire body afire. Brooke wanted him, and this so much, that her body just fell into his rhythm. She gave herself to him, kissing him passionately – he wasn’t her first kiss, but she wanted him to be her last.

09-26-19_9:38:04 PM

“Now you’re telling me we can ignore that?” He muttered afterwards, pressing his forehead against Brooke’s. He couldn’t believe he’d finally kissed the girl he’d wanted all his life.


09-26-19_9:44:53 PM

“How could you!” Brooke’s head whirled round in surprise as Andy’s high pitched yell sounded out across the dance studio. She was covering her eyes, standing in absolute shock at the image of her best friend and her brother. 

He’d managed to finally make sure she had nothing that was hers, and hers alone.

09-26-19_9:45:14 PM

“Andy! Andy, I can explain!” Brooke gasped, unable to comprehend the situation. She could practically see the steam coming out of Andrina’s ears.

“Explain this – why did you lie to me? Why didn’t you care enough to listen when I asked you to stay away? I defended you to Minnie when she went crazy! I defend you to the world! I love you, your my best friend! Him? I’d expect this from. But you? Never.”


“Don’t bother.”

09-26-19_9:40:00 PMAs Andrina turned and began to storm away, Brooke hurried to follow her.

“Brooke, wait! Don’t let Andy change this. You can’t change how you feel and she can’t make you.”

09-26-19_9:40:11 PM

“What I feel, Casper, is like a traitor. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go apologise to my best friend.” Brooke glowered. She couldn’t believe how selfish he was – his sister was the most important thing right now, not their relationship.

If you could even call it that.


09-26-19_9:53:10 PM

Christy was just chillin’ and swimmin’ with her dogs one day when the doorbell rang. Lady and Tramp, as she’d decided to call the Yorkie, loved swimming together in the family pool and whilst spring break was nearly over the three were making the most of the pool.

“I’ll go get that. Stay here, guys.”

Lady and Tramp were more than happy to stay together.

09-26-19_9:55:38 PM

At the door was a little red-headed kid, probably not much older than Christy herself.

“Hey, sorry to bother you, but have you seen a dog around here in the last few days?” The boy smiled politely. Christina immediately stiffened, going on the defence.

“You’re gonna have to be more specific, a lot of dogs come around here.” He couldn’t mean Tramp, could he?

09-26-19_9:55:03 PM

“Oh, well sure. He’s small, brown and black, and a yorkshire terrier.” Uh oh. “So have you seen him?”

“Uuuhhhh…” The moment of truth.”No! Hehe. Nope. No dogs here. I don’t even have a dog. What’s a dog? Kidding! I totally know. But I don’t have one.”

“Riiiiiight…” The boy frowned, beginning to turn around.

09-26-19_9:59:29 PM

Just at that point, Tramp came running around the side of the house with Lady in tow, barking away.

“Hey, there he is!” The boy grinned a huge grin, and Christy was ready to cry. He was going to take her dog! “Elvis! Come here boy!”

“Elvis?” Christy questioned. What a weird name for a dog.

09-26-19_10:00:51 PM

“I missed you soooo much, buddy. Thanks so much for helping me find my dog!”

Elvis licked eagerly at the boys face – he definitely knew him, there was no doubt about it.

09-26-19_10:01:10 PM

He noticed that Christy looked pretty bummed as he cuddled his pet and felt kinda bad. Sure, she’d lied about having him but clearly she’d already started to love the pup.

“How can I ever thank you….?” He trailed off, waiting for a name.

“Christina.” She sighed.

09-26-19_9:57:35 PM

“Christina. Cool name. I’m Zac.” The boy grinned, as Elvis squirmed to jump out of his arms and greet the happy little spaniel that had followed him. She was a gorgeous dog, and Elvis seemed to really like her. “Say, our dogs seem to be great friends. Should we hang out a while and let them play?”

Christina beamed. Maybe Elvis wasn’t hers anymore, but he’d get to stay a little longer. Maybe this wasn’t goodbye. “Sure.”

09-26-19_10:05:01 PM

“So your Dad is a vet? Dude, that’s so cool!” Christy grinned.

“Yep, I wanna be one too. I wanna be just like him!” Zac agreed, laughing as Lady and Elvis jumped all over each other.

“That would be like, the best job.”

09-26-19_10:06:01 PM

“I’m really sorry I lied, Zac. I didn’t mean to steal your dog…I just couldn’t bare to separate him and Lady!”

“That’s okay, I got my best bud back. And some new buds. And I promise I’ll bring Elvis over all the time, if you like?”

“I don’t just like, I love!”

09-26-19_10:07:57 PM

That night, after Zac had left, Christy found herself calling him again already. For very, very good reason…

“Zac? It’s Christy! Look, you’ll never guess what my mom just told me…

Lady’s gonna have puppies.”

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