Heir Vote!

There are only 3 chapters left of generation one, which is super sad, but don’t worry we haven’t seen the end of Addy yet! There are two gorgeous girls who we could follow for generation 2, and I’m hoping enough people want to vote so that I don’t have to pick myself and be all bias!

Candidate 1: Brooke Payton Asteria







Brooke is the eldest of Addy’s two daughters. Her father is the notorious Marcus Moseley, who tricked Adelaide into a relationship in order to kidnap her. She has had a bumpy upbringing, with her father coming in and out of her life and even daring to kidnap her, but her step father Cam has been a true dad to her her whole life. She is a keen dancer, hoping to one day open her own dance school or become a famous dancer, along with her best friend Andrina. Unfortunately, Brooke only has eyes for Andrina’s brother Casper, an idea that Andy despises. Will it work out with Casper? Will Brooke get the famous future and happy family she dreams of?


Candidate 2: Christina Nancy Asteria





Christy is the baby of the family! She is the daughter of Adelaide and Cameron, happily married amazing parents. So far, she is still only young but is compassionate, loving and absolutely bonkers about animals! Her best friend is her dog, Lady, as well as Zac and his own dog Elvis. Together, the young pair dream of having their own vet surgery, always playing make believe with their pets – they are sure to be friends for life. Christy has a bright future ahead of her and will surely be a beautiful teenager and then young adult. Will she have her dream career? Will her and Zac forever be friends, or something more?


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