1.33 Saying Goodbye

10-29-19_6:33:42 PM

Saying goodbye is never easy. This was something Adelaide had learned at a young age, but it was never something she got over.

She’d thought that losing her mother for the first time, at only 18 years old, had been hard enough. But a second time?

10-29-19_6:32:13 PM “My wife, Nancy. She was the absolute love of my life. The mother of my two girls.” Xavier sniffled, glancing at Adelaide and Robyn. How grown up they were now, with their own beautiful children. Already now his granddaughters were growing up, and Brooke would soon be off to college.

“A long time ago, I thought that I lost her. She was stolen away from me for a year, a year in which it seemed my whole world fell apart. The grief I felt then, it’s everywhere today. It surrounds me. We got to spend an extra 18 years together, and I cherish these years. I’m still finding it hard to believe that she’s really gone…”

10-29-19_6:32:53 PM

Cancer’s a bitch. Brooke thought, staring at the coffin before her. Was that really her grandma Nancy? There? In that coffin?

She couldn’t be leaving at a worse time. In fact, she’d even considered postponing her start at college, but her mom had insisted she go anyway.

10-29-19_6:32:25 PMChristy was heartbroken. Her and Grandma Nancy had been incredibly close too, and it had been Christina who visited every day after school whilst Brooke had been hanging out with Casper or at dance practise. It made her feel so guilty.

11-06-19_3:46:08 PM

Nancy had always loved the evening sky – her first ever date with Xavier had been star gazing under the moon. He’d only seen it fitting to hold her funeral at dusk – and the lanterns and candles that her admirers had left filled the family graveyard, illuminating the tear splattered faces of their family members. It was beautiful, just like his late wife

11-06-19_4:18:52 PM“Mom..” Addy wailed, reaching out for the coffin. Her heart was broken. She was really gone this time…

“Shhhh, Adelaide…” Cameron soothed his wife lovingly. He wished so much that he could take away her pain…

11-06-19_3:45:18 PM

“Daddy.” Christy sniffled into her dad’s shoulder. He held her tightly. His heart ached too, for his kind mother in law. Even before he and Adelaide had got together, the families had been close. Of course, except his sister, Mia. She’d always hated Addy so stayed away from the Adelaide family.

11-06-19_3:45:14 PM

“God takes the best.” Nadine wiped tears away, muttering to herself quietly. She’d known this day was coming, with Nancy’s illness being so long drawn out, but she couldn’t quite prepare herself.

Christy came over, squeezing her Nana’s hand. “It’ll be ok, Nana. It’ll be ok.” She knew her nana would really need her now, after losing Gramps Ben not so long ago too.

11-06-19_3:45:47 PM

“Daddy! Where are we?” Lukas asked inquisitively. This left Ben stumped – he didn’t really know how to explain the concept of a funeral to a three year old.

“Uhh.. Well, Great Grandma Nancy has gone to heaven, you see, Luke?”

“Where’s heaven?”

11-06-19_4:19:47 PM


Ben took to distracting his son, teaching him how to fly, and lifting the spirits of the other mourners. Ben chuckled, watching his closest cousin’s son giggle. She’d married a good man.

Robyn couldn’t help but smile at her son. After all, Grandma had always told her to keep smiling once she’d gone. She’d been so proud to meet Ben…

11-06-19_4:20:54 PM

“Mom, are you still sure I should…”

“Don’t finish that question, Brooke Payton Asteria!” Robyn tutted, as Addy pulled her eldest in for a hug.

“You’re going, Brooke. Grandma would have killed me if I didn’t make you.”

11-06-19_4:21:04 PM

Brooke knew she was right, secretly. “I’m scared.” She whispered.

“It is scary, saying goodbye, sweetheart. But it’s the only way for new beginnings to happen.” Addy reminded her, smelling the sweet scent of Brooke’s hair.

11-06-19_4:22:02 PM

“And you’re going to be alright, aren’t you, baby C?” Brooke knocked her sisters arm playfully.

“Are you kidding? I’m turning your room into a closet!” Christina chuckled.

Adelaide couldn’t be prouder of her girls. Though they looked so different to each other, they really were the perfect sisters.

11-06-19_4:24:30 PM

Later that evening, Addy sat by her mother’s grave. She’d told everyone she’d meet them at the house for the wake.

“I did alright mom, didn’t I? In the end.” She sighed, smiling. She remembered many moons ago, when this had been her special place to remember her mom..It made her sad to think now this would be again.

But she had to think of the advice she had given her own daughter just that day.

Saying goodbye is never easy, but it is the only way for new beginnings to happen.

That’s it guys! Generation 1 is done (only took me a year and 33 chapters LOL.) You chose Brooke as the heir, thanks to whoever voted! I can’t promise regular updates, as this is really just a hobby I enjoy myself in secret from the world hehe….And I do go through phases of being too busy to write. But I promise if you check every now and again, there will always be more to read! Love you for reading this far on my little blog x G x

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