2.1 Acting Off Screen

11-18-19_5:32:34 PM

3 Years Later

“You want me to do what?”

“Darling, think about it, it’s the most logical idea!” Chad Miraz, the most sought after agent in the city, sighed. Why was she always his most difficult client?

11-18-19_5:35:11 PMBrooke groaned, turning to glare at her co-star, who couldn’t seem more relaxed if he tried.

“And you’re ok with this, Gregory?” She hissed at him, his only response being a shrug.

11-18-19_5:34:07 PM

“I’m down for anything that’s going to make the movie sell well. I don’t think it’d be that bad either.” He grinned, winking at her, which just made Brooke even more infuriated.

“Exactly! Not that bad!” Chad mused, gazing at Greg in delight. He’d always been such an easy going client, even if he had his fair share of dating scandals in the past. This relationship would do his reputation some good, too.

11-18-19_5:33:41 PM

“I already have a boyfriend! His name is Casper, you’ve met him like a zillion times, Chad, remember?” Brooke folded her arms, reluctantly. Movie or not, she wasn’t going to give up her relationship.

“Ah, yes, childhood sweetheart boy, very nice, smells like apples.” He nodded and Brooke rolled her eyes. Even though Casper did kind of smell like apples. “But childhood sweetheart who isn’t famous won’t get you to the A-List, sweetheart! An A Lister will.”

11-18-19_5:35:59 PM“No way,” She snapped, standing up. This time it was Greg’s turn to roll his eyes.

“Oh, please. It doesn’t have to be real, not if you don’t want it to. You’ll just have to be a bit more private about your little country boy.”

Clenching her fists, Brooke turned to glare at him. She didn’t understand the big deal surrounding Gregory Waters – sure, he’d had a few hit movies and all of the world had seen his abs, but so what? He couldn’t sing or dance, and he could barely act – he was just pretty to look at.

11-18-19_5:37:58 PM“Of course!” Chad rushed to agree. “Honey, this is going to be the best step of your career, I promise.”

Brooke swallowed, contemplating the idea. She would be the envy of every teenage girl in the country…and Greg sure did get a lot of attention from the press. But she couldn’t, could she?

“Come on, let me see you together!” Her agent grinned, pushing Greg towards her so that they were standing so close, their arms brushed.

11-18-19_5:37:44 PM

Brooke snorted. “This entire idea is ridiculous.” She giggled even more, looking at Greg staring seriously into the distance. Was he for real? What a poser.

“You look beautiful together.” Chad gasped. “I do think I have the best ideas sometimes, don’t you?!” Clapping his hands together, he ran to hug the pair of them.

“Talk to Casper about it, sweetie.” He pleaded. “I’m sure he’ll come around.”

11-18-19_5:43:43 PMWith no idea how to even bring the idea up, or how her boyfriend react, Brooke’s head was full of fog that evening. And Casper could tell.

“Hey baby…” He grinned, leaning over her to give her a big kiss.

“Hey…” Brooke sighed.

11-18-19_5:42:33 PM

“What’s up, beautiful?” He asked, stroking her face. The way that he spoke to her made Brooke feel 10x worse for what she needed to say.

11-18-19_5:46:58 PM

“I need to talk to you, Casp.” Gulping, Brooke sat up straight next to him. She could see the worry in his eyes.

“You can tell me anything, you know that.”

“My career has really took off this year, Casper. Since finishing college and my first tour, the offers for work have been flowing in…”

11-18-19_5:47:50 PM

“I know all this, baby. Remember? I sat with you reading scripts until we found Invincible. It’s going  to be so good!” He smiled sweetly, taking her hand in his. It felt warm, and there was that same familiar apple smell that Chad had talked about. He smelled of home.

“But,  me and Gregory…my co-star…well, our agent wants us to spend a lot of time together to promote the movie…”

“I’m not the jealous type, Brooke.” Casper raised an eyebrow defensively. How could she think that he’d be like that?

11-18-19_5:50:00 PM

“I know Casper. But…I’m just going to say it, they want us to date.”

And with that one statement, Casper felt his heart drop.

“But not for real!” Brooke added quickly. “It’d just be in public…I can’t stand the guy, not really!”

11-18-19_5:49:12 PM

Casper softened slightly. It still wasn’t what he wanted to hear, but it didn’t sound like it was what she really wanted.

“So…what would that mean for us?” He asked.

“We’d have to be a secret, baby.” Brooke sighed, one tear rolling down her cheek. Casper was silent for a while. “But I won’t do it! Not unless you’re prepared to.”

“Please…say something,Casper.”

“And…it would help your career?” Biting his lip, Casper still couldn’t look at her. He knew this wasn’t Brooke’s choice, but he couldn’t help but feel mad.

“Chad says it would. And I do believe him, even if I hate to.”

11-18-19_5:53:43 PM

Casper sighed, turning to look at his girlfriend of 3 and a half years. They’d been through so much together, and the distance had always been so hard till he’d moved to the city to be close to her. What was one more challenge?

“We’ll get through it.” He smiled weakly. “We always do.”

A tear streaming down Brooke’s cheek, she held him close. This was the weirdest situation she’d ever been in.

Could she really do this for her dreams?

Could she really ever pretend to love someone else, when her heart belonged to him?

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