1.27 The Party, Pt 1

09-12-19_4:41:28 PM

“Thankyou for having me for dinner, Jennifer. Again.” Brooke smiled, laughing slightly.

“It’s always our pleasure, sweetheart. You’re like one of our family, too. What do you think about the theme of our recital this year?”

09-12-19_4:41:46 PM

Brooke nearly choked on her food as Casper smirked at her from across the table.

“It’s a classic, Romeo and Juliet. One of my favourite shakespeare plays.” Brooke had always been a nerd for English literature, and this play was no exception. Her absolute favourite play, to be honest, but she wasn’t going to let Casper know that.

09-12-19_4:42:26 PM

“Mine too.” Casper agreed, and Brooke found herself raising an eyebrow. She’d never known him to be into academics.

“Really. And why is that?” She queried.

09-12-19_4:42:15 PM

“There’s nothing more exciting than forbidden love, Brooke.” He smirked, and Brooke found her stomach doing a small flip.

“And is that why you’re suddenly an actor, now, football boy?” Brooke grinned. She could feel Andy’s eyes glaring at her and felt guilty. But why? She’d done nothing wrong.

“And other reasons..”

09-12-19_4:45:54 PM

“What the heck was all that?” Andy frowned, grabbing Brooke’s arm as she went to leave the house. Brooke had already said her goodbyes to the family but Andrina had followed her to the door.

“All what?”

“All the flirting. I thought you were the one person who cared more about me than..”

09-12-19_4:47:00 PM

“Andy, what are you talking about?” Brooke sighed, taking her best friend’s hand and squeezing it. “I’m not interested in Casper.”

“But the way you looked at each other…I thought I saw it.” Suspiciously, Andy tucked a piece of hair behind her ear.

And Brooke had seen him too, looking at her. Like that. It was the first time she’d ever seen it, or she thought it was. Had she been looking at him too? Had she never realised that she…?

“There’s nothing to see, Andrina!” Brooke laughed. “I’m not one of Casper’s little follower girls, and I never will be.”

09-12-19_4:51:24 PM

“And you’re sure?”

“Sure as sure can be, Jen. I have a lot of work to do this year. For school, I mean.” Brooke mumbled, non-convincingly. Jennifer wasn’t buying it.

“I have to say, this year’s show will be very different without our star lead. You’ll be missed, Brooke.”

09-12-19_4:51:01 PM

Brooke felt sad to be dropping out of the run for Juliet. But it had to be done if she was going to try and stay away from Casper, and keep Andy happy.

“I know. I’ll still be in the show! I’d just rather not take a lead part, if that’s ok.”

“I can’t stop you focusing on your schoolwork, sweetheart. I just hate the idea of dealing with Minnie’s ego if she gets the part..”

Both teacher and student couldn’t help but giggle at the idea of Minnie demanding her own dressing room and groupies.

“I better get home, it’s my little sister’s birthday party and I couldn’t miss it for the world. Thanks, Jen.”

09-12-19_5:08:25 PM

“Mommy, why are you crying?” Christina asked, confused. “Don’t be sad!”

“I just…I can’t believe you’re growing up so fast! My baby!” Addy sniffled, hugging her youngest daughter tight. Both Christy and Brooke were growing faster and faster every day, and she was so proud.

“I love you, Mom.” Christy hugged her mommy tight.

09-12-19_5:09:00 PM

“I love you too. C’mon, lets blow out these candles, baby C!”

09-12-19_5:09:33 PM

Everyone cheered and laughed and Grandpa Ben threw confetti.

09-12-19_5:17:36 PM

“Oh, look at you, big girl!” Adelaide grinned, pulling Christina into a tight hug.


09-12-19_5:23:55 PM

“It’s so great to see you, Dad.” Boogying in the living room with the other guys, Cameron turned and smiled at his own Dad.

“I’m proud of you, son. I know me and your mom aren’t around much these days…but we want to be! We’re going to be retiring, soon.”

09-12-19_5:22:16 PM

Elena was surprised to see Molly, Kevin’s highschool sweetheart at the party. She looked like she felt quite awkward.

“Er, hi, Elena. Congratulations! On both the babies!” Molly laughed.

“Thanks, Molly. Welcome back to the family.” but if you break my little brother’s heart again, i will kill you! 

09-12-19_5:21:18 PM

“I’m so happy I have you back.” She sighed as Kevin returned to the kitchen.

“Me too. I’ll always love you, Molly.”


1.26 Heartthrobs+Heartbreak

09-11-19_11:38:06 PM

“Good work girls! Excellent form, Brooke.” Jennifer beamed, admiring what a brilliant group of performers her girls were slowly becoming.

09-11-19_11:38:47 PM

“As we all know, it will soon be time for our annual performance. This year, I’ve chosen the theme of Romeo and Juliet.” Excited giggles rose up from the class, all except for Andy and Brooke, who the teacher caught rolling their eyes.

“Settle down, now. You know how it works. The casting will be based off of your performance over the next few weeks, and only one of the star roles is available to you. Juliet.”

Zoey, one of the other students, raised her hand. “But who will play Romeo, Ms. Hodge?”

“I have managed to draft my own son, Casper, in after many years of trying.” This earned more excited giggles. “That is all, girls. See you friday.” And with that she left the studio.

09-11-19_11:42:15 PM

“Oh em gee guys!” Lacey, one of the newest dancers to the group, squeaked. She attended Brooke’s school, as did most of the girls, but didn’t hang around in the same social circles. “Casper Hodge. I think I’m going to faint.

09-11-19_11:40:25 PM

“What’s it like, Brooke? Getting to stay at Casper’s house all the time.” Zoey sighed, as if caught in a dream of the benefits of being Andy’s best friend.09-11-19_11:40:16 PM

“Er, great, being friends with Andrina. Casper’s just annoying.” It was true, all Casper had ever done since they were young was barge in and annoy Brooke and Andy. She couldn’t wait to terrorize him for taking part in the musical, since she knew how much he hated dance.

09-11-19_11:40:36 PM

“I’ve seen Casper eat his own buggers.” Andy snorted, but it didn’t deter the swooning teenage girls in the room. It was like they weren’t even listening. She didn’t understand how her brother had suddenly become such a heart throb – she’d seen slugs with more brain cells than him.

09-11-19_11:43:40 PM

“It’s not Brooke you should be asking about her experiences with Casper. It’s me.” Minnie whined, seeking the attention she’d always craved. Brooke rolled her eyes. Casper had dated Minnie briefly in freshman year, before realising she was a snobby little psycho just like everyone else. “And I’m going to be the one on stage, kissing him.”

09-11-19_11:46:10 PM“Don’t roll your eyes at me, Asteria. You better back off. This part is mine, ok?” She snapped, glaring at Brooke.

Brooke snorted. “Ok, Minnie.” She really couldn’t care less this time. How awkward would it be to try and play star crossed lovers with the guy who she’d played mario kart with since they were 6?

09-11-19_11:50:10 PM

“Honestly, could they be more pathetic if they tried?” Andy groaned, falling back onto her bed dramatically. Brooke laughed.

“ooooh, Casper, Casper, you’re so dreamyyyy.” She mocked. “Like my brother needs anything else to boost his ego.”

09-11-19_11:50:15 PM

“Sometimes it feels like he is the only child in this family. I’m just his nobody twin sister. The only reason anybody talks to me at school is to get to him!” Andrina ranted, and Brooke shook her head. Her best friend was being ridiculous.

“Hey, that’s not why I talk to you…”

“Dinner’s ready!” As if on cue, Jennifer called up the stairs.

“I talk to you because your mom makes the best pizza rolls in Willow Creek.” Brooke chuckled, winking, and Andy nudged her playfully.

09-11-19_11:49:44 PM

“I suppose you’re not a mindless little Casper follower.” Andy rolled her eyes as they stood up to go downstairs. “At least I’ll aways have you, sis.”

09-12-19_12:03:02 AM

Back at home, Christina had developed an absolute adoration for Lady, the family spaniel.

“I wuv you wady!” Addy chuckled overhearing her constantly declaring her love to the dog, who would lick her face excitedly in return.

09-11-19_11:59:51 PM09-12-19_12:00:34 AM

“Come here, Wady!!!” Christy would shriek, following the dog around all day. Her favourite thing to do was play doggy.

09-12-19_12:05:13 AM

“What are ya doin’ out here, Christy?” Robyn chuckled as she walked up the back porch towards her sisters house. Her youngest niece had been sifting through Lady’s dog toys and plonked herself on the dog’s bed in the time since she’d made her way through the gate.

09-12-19_12:05:20 AM

“Aunty Roby! Look at me, I’m a dog like Wady. Woof Woof!” Christina demonstrated, holding up her “paws” and panting. She was too cute, to say the least.

Adelaide appeared through the kitchen door, laughing at her daughter, and beckoned Robyn inside. “You too, crazy pups!” Lady and Christina followed in together obediently, and Addy shut the door behind them.

09-12-19_12:47:44 AM

“Elena!” Brooke grinned, hugging her cousin as she entered the living room. She eyed Elena’s bump excitedly, fussing over her pregnancy.

“Look how big you’ve gotten already! Again!” She laughed, earning Elena’s chuckle in response. Her first baby, George, had only just been born a few months ago, and her and Seb hadn’t spared any time in making baby number 2!

09-12-19_12:45:26 AM

“How are you, girls! It feels like forever since I’ve seen you!” Addy grinned, setting the tray of tea she’d brought out down on the coffee table. She’d always been so close with her sister, and her cousins, but it’d been too long since she’d seen them. Probably since George was born.

Addy had been kept so busy by work and Christina, she’d barely had any girl time! Straight away, the conversation flew and before they knew it all the recent news was being shared.

09-12-19_12:44:59 AM

“Oh, I don’t know…A girl, I think! Can’t have too many boys running around the house!” Elena laughed, before turning to Robyn. “What about you, Robs? Any news for you and Ben?”

“We…er…we’re still trying.” Robyn sighed. “But we haven’t being trying for that long, I guess. Only a year.”

Addy nodded. “Me and Cameron tried for 3 years before Christy came along.”

09-12-19_12:49:46 AMAddy noticed the tears gleaming in her eyes, letting Elena and Brooke’s nattering wash over her. Robyn needed a chat.

“Oh bother, the teas are cold! Robs, hon, do you wanna help me in the kitchen?” She offered, and Robyn gave her a grateful smile.

Once they left the room, Robyn burst into tears.

“Robyn, a year really isn’t that long sweetheart. Please don’t cry.” Adelaide pulled her little sister close, squeezing her gently. She hated seeing Robyn cry, and felt an urge to protect her, even though they were both fully grown women now.

09-12-19_12:49:10 AM

“We went to the doctors, Addy. I can’t- I can’t have kids.” She sobbed, and Addy’s heart truly broke for her. They just held each other closely for a minute or two, until Robyn’s sobs started to soften into a whimper.

“Shhh, baby. I am so, so sorry. But hey!” Addy put a finger under Robyn’s chin, making her look at her. “There’s always adoption!”

Robyn smiled through the tears. “We’re actually meeting with an agency next week.”

09-12-19_12:51:27 AM

“Robs, I really hope I didn’t upset you earlier.” Elena smiled, when they finally met in the kitchen.

“You didn’t, Elena. I’ve had a lot weighing on my shoulders. Today has been so good for me.”

“Good!” Addy smiled, squeezing in to make it a group hug. “We need to do this more often! I’ll see you both at Christy’s birthday party next week?” The girls nodded.

Whatever they went through, they knew that this family would always have each others backs.

1.25 Stealing my Thunder

09-11-19_3:37:46 PMThe wedding rolled round so quickly, it felt like the blink of an eye. Christmas came and went, with Brooke blowing everyone away in her recital and Christina growing up so quickly into a toddler. Everything was finally getting back to normal, and Robyn’s impending wedding was sure to be the event of the year.

Ben waited patiently for his bride at the front of the alter, nervous. He’d been a great addition to the family so far, with everyone loving him, and Addy was excited for him to become her little brother in law.

09-11-19_3:39:02 PM

Elena was the first bridesmaid to come down the aisle, positively glowing. She’d cut her hair into a short blonde bob and coloured it so it was slightly more blonde, and she was in the best shape of her life after a transformation camp at the gym (not that she wasn’t in gorgeous shape anyway).

09-11-19_3:42:44 PM

Brooke and her little sister Christy followed closely behind, Brooke eating up all the attention she was getting from the wedding guests. Christy was quite nervous, on the contrary, of all the people staring at her.

Christina, a mommy’s girl just like Brooke at that age, was much more at ease when her mom joined the line of bridesmaids. Addy smiled in disbelief watching Brooke walk confidently down the aisle – it felt like mere minutes since she was clinging to Adelaide at her own wedding.

09-11-19_3:50:21 PM

“I’m proud of you, bud.” Officer Pete, who was actually Ben’s best friend, stood at the alter beside him, beaming. He’d been so happy when his old college bud asked him to be his best man.

“Thanks, mate.” Ben grinned. He was upset that his own mum hadn’t made it to his wedding, but he understood that she was sick and couldn’t fly out here. Pete was basically his family here.

09-11-19_3:50:05 PM

The bridesmaids gasped when Robyn appeared at the end of the aisle. She looked mesmerising – her beauty had always been admirable, but Addy had tears in her eyes as she watched her sister glide in her mother’s wedding dress – the very same dress she had worn at her own wedding.

09-11-19_3:51:23 PM“I am so, so proud of you my big girl.” Xavier grinned, drinking in his daughter. She was 50 percent him, of which he could not believe, and he knew she’d got all her beauty from her mother.

“I love you, Dad.” And Robyn really did love him, her father. He was looking so much older and frailer nowadays, she’d sometimes wondered if he’d be around to see this day. But here he was, walking her down the aisle now.

09-11-19_3:53:55 PMThe ceremony was beautiful. Addy noted that Ben really had been worth the wait, and her wise sister had been smart in avoiding silly little boys till she met him. He was every bit the kind, compassionate soul she was – as well as hot. Good god, their babies would be beautiful.

09-11-19_3:38:32 PM

“Aren’t we lucky?” Nancy sighed. “We must have done something right.”

“We are good parents.” Xavier smiled, taking his wife’s hand and rubbing it. “And they are good kids.”

She leaned over and kissed him daintily on the cheek. He still felt as soft as when they were only 19. Nancy knew that Xavier would always be the man she loved, and prayed for the same success in her daughters marriages.

09-11-19_4:05:41 PM

“Papa!” Christina squealed as Xavier reached down to pick her up. It was harder than it used to be with Brooke, back when he was quite the young Grandpa.

“Hello Christy, how are you today?” He chuckled, bouncing his grandchild up and down.

“Very very good, thankyou!” She kissed him on the cheek sloppily.

09-11-19_3:59:37 PM

Elena relaxed into the embrace of Sebastien, smelling the apple shampoo he’d used in his hair this morning. She smiled. He made her feel so safe, and she felt on top of the world with him. One day, they’d have a wedding just like this.

“Should we tell everybody?” He grinned, kissing her forehead sweetly.

“Oh, Bash..I wouldn’t want to steal Robyn’s thunder by telling everybody today.”

09-11-19_3:59:49 PM“Telling everybody what, my sneaky cousin?” Robyn smiled, approaching the couple. Elena looked so happy, it made her heart burst. It had been a long time since Elena had had someone to share her burdens with, besides her brother Kevin.

09-11-19_4:00:59 PM

“Robyn!” Elena gasped in surprise.”I..er…we…nothing!”

Robyn laughed. “You’ve always been such a bad liar, Elena. What is it? I promise whatever it is, you won’t be stealing my thunder.”

“Well..” Elena looked to Sebastien who nodded eagerly. He was just as excited to tell everyone as her. “I’m pregnant!”

09-11-19_4:01:34 PM

Robyn threw her arms around her cousin in excitement. “Elena that’s amazing! When are you due?”

“It’s quite early…we only found out a few days ago! It’s going to be a March time baby..”

“You need to tell EVERYONE!”

09-11-19_4:09:35 PM

“I’m gonna be a gramps? Oh, my! That’s amazing!” Elias had a tear in his eye as his daughter told him the news. He was so glad to be alive, to be here. Rehab had turned his entire life around – and being a grandpa was going to change everything for the better. Kevin, too, was ecstatic. “I hope it gets my red hair.”

09-11-19_4:04:00 PM

Meanwhile, Robyn and Ben snuck off to do some potential baby making of their own…

09-11-19_4:10:05 PM

The day was truly magical. One that Addy, nor any of her family, would ever forget.

1.24 Back Where You Belong

09-11-19_11:55:20 AM

As soon as the door opened Brooke leaped into action, coughing and spluttering and squeezing her eyes shut. He was silent at first, her father, watching her.

“What’s wrong with you?” Marcus sneered. She’d been nothing but a pest since he’d taken her.

09-11-19_11:55:59 AM“I’m sick.” Brooke groaned, pretending to sniffle. Marcus narrowed his eyes at her, not really sure what to do. He wasn’t exactly a doctor, how was he supposed to know if she was sick?

“Get well soon.” He snapped sarcastically, turning to leave.

09-11-19_11:56:54 AM

“Wait!” Brooke begged between coughs. This had to work. “I need to see a doctor. I might die.”

Marcus stopped in his tracks. He couldn’t have the kid die. If he ever got caught, he’d go down for murder as well as kidnapping. But what if she gave them away? He couldn’t trust the rugrat to go outside, could he?

“Please, Dad.” Brooke whispered desperately.

“Get dressed.” He growled, hoping that he wouldn’t live to regret this.

09-11-19_11:59:48 AM

The car ride and waiting room was very awkward, but the most exciting thing Brooke had done in over a month. Her heart ached for her family, for her little sister. She hoped to god she was right and that they did want her back.

“You don’t say a word, ok? I’ll do the talking.” Her father snapped at her, bouncing his knee impatiently. Brooke began to panic. Was he going to come in with her? “Say anything and I’ll kill you.” He whispered in her ear.

09-11-19_12:10:46 PM

“Abigail Davinsky?” A tall man in a suit emerged onto the corridor of the waiting room, a man that Brooke assumed was the Doctor. Brooke only realised that was her when her dad prodded his fingers in her back.

09-11-19_12:11:28 PM

“Yes, that’s me.” Brooke hopped off her seat eagerly. Fear spiked Marcus as all trace of her “illness” disappeared. ‘Don’t worry, daddy. I want to go in alone.” Brooke turned to the Doctor. “It’s about my girl problems.”

“I think I should come with you, Abigail.” Marcus seethed. She was nearly 8 years old, what girl problems?!

09-11-19_12:11:32 PM“That’s perfectly fine, Abi, if you would like some privacy.” The Doctor smiled, gesturing for Brooke to enter his office. She rushed inside eagerly while the doctor joked with Marcus about her desperation for independance at such a young age. Through the window, Marcus didn’t look like he found it very funny.

09-11-19_12:15:51 PM

“What seems to be the problem, Abig-”
“Sir, we don’t have very much time.” Brooke rambled desperately. “My real name is Brooke Asteria and I have no idea where I am, but I live in Willow Creek. My mom is Adelaide Asteria, that man out there is my biological father Marcus Mos-”

09-11-19_12:16:21 PM“Abigail- Brooke. Are you saying this man kidnapped you?” The Doctor gasped.

“Yes, that is exactly what I’m saying! Please help me, sir!” Brooke implored him for his help, and the Doctor nodded, pressing buttons quickly on his computer.

09-11-19_12:16:58 PM

“We’re going to get you home, Brooke. The police have been contacted.” The Doctor smiled understandingly. “My name is Dr. Jacobs, and I’m going to keep you safe. That man is not going anywhere.”

And through the 2 way mirror/window, Brooke saw hospital security approaching Marcus as he turned to run. But there was no way out for him, not this time.

Her plan had worked.

newspaper (1)

09-11-19_12:21:16 PM“Brookie!” Adelaide gasped upon the sight of her eldest daughter. Brooke looked too skinny and dirty, to say the least, but she still had the same beautiful face that Addy had dreamed of seeing again.

“Mommy! I thought you didn’t want me.” Brooke sobbed into her shoulder and Adelaide’s heart squeezed. How could she ever not want Brooke?

“Of course we want you. We’ve missed you so much, baby B.” Addy took in her baby’s smell as she squeezed her tightly.

09-11-19_12:25:18 PM

“Thankyou so much officer. For everything.” Addy wiped tears from her eyes as she thanked officer Pete, whilst Brooke clung to her father.

“Daddy, I missed you so much.” She sung, Cameron repeating the same thing to her. He was so angry that he’d been unable to stop Marcus for so long.

09-11-19_12:27:21 PM

“My pleasure and duty, Mrs. Asteria. Moseley will not be seeing outside those prison walls for a long, long time. He could even get life for this.” Officer Pete responded, hoping to give this family some closure. Pete couldn’t imagine what he’d do if his very own daughter was stolen from him like this.

09-11-19_12:34:33 PM

Brooke was so overwhelmed, she’d almost forgotten that she had a little sister to meet. As Christina held her pinky tightly, Brooke fell so in love that the trauma of the last month no longer mattered to her. She was home.

09-11-19_12:32:45 PM

“So THEN I was super sneaky and I pretended to be coughing and stuff and he believed me because he’s so stupid…” Brooke rambled, telling the story for the third time that day, this time to her cousins and her aunt. Aunty Roby had brought her new boyfriend, Ben, with her, and he was really sweet. Apparently they’d been a thing ever since she started at her fancy job, like a year ago.

09-11-19_12:32:32 PM

“You have to really know, to introduce a guy to this family, ok?” Robyn giggled, staring at Ben in awe.

“Hey, it’s not like we’re going to make you get married or anything! Yet.” Brooke grinned which just made auntie Roby giggle even more. Her and Ben started whispering to each other.

“Should I tell them?” Ben grinned. His accent was thick and British, and Brooke really liked it. She’d already made him say a bunch of words like crumpets and wanker. Her mom had told her off for that word.

09-11-19_12:33:02 PM

“Tell us what?” Addy smiled. She already knew the big news, she’d been the first that Robyn had told. Ben had been around so much lately, Adelaide had known it was only a matter of time.

“Me and Ben are getting married!” Robyn squealed, revealing a ring. Brooke started dancing on the couch.

“Oh EM GEE. Can I be a bridesmaid?” Brooke screamed. Her grandpa smiled. That child could recover from anything. 

“Of course! And we’re going to get married in the summer. Isn’t that wonderful?”

09-11-19_12:33:17 PM

“That’s awesome, Robs!” Kevin grinned, hugging his cousin. They’d always been super close, and he was so proud of her. Ben was a great dude.

“We’ll definitely be there, honey.” Cameron agreed.

Everything was beginning to fall perfectly back into place, back where it belonged.

1.23 Taken

09-10-19_3:14:31 PM

“We’re doing everything we can to locate your daughter, Mr & Mrs. Asteria.” The police officer was a very nice man, dressed smartly with a soft and kind voice. Addy could see why he’d been chosen for the job of visiting parents whose child had been kidnapped.

09-10-19_3:11:19 PM

“We’ll find her, Addy.” Cameron whispered, putting his hand on his wife’s knee. She’d been inconsolable since she’d got off the phone to Jen, dropping to her knees right there in the hallway.

“You don’t know that, Cameron. He’s a monster. What if he hurts her?”

09-10-19_3:11:39 PM

“We have all the best officers working on this case, Mrs. Asteria, I promise you that. Moseley is a dangerous criminal and this time he won’t be getting off lightly.”

Adelaide grimaced at the word dangerous, knowing that officer Pete was right. The things he’d done to her…did Marcus have it in him to hurt their child? His own flesh and blood?

09-10-19_3:13:14 PM

“I want every single agent you have in a 200 mile radius on this case, do you hear me?” Nancy barked orders into her phone. If anyone could find Brooke, her mother’s agency could, whether Nancy was retired now or not. It helped that Cameron’s parents had taken over, too.

09-10-19_3:35:03 PM

“Oh, don’t cry, sis.” Robyn sighed, holding back tears of her own. She’d never seen Addy like this.

“He has my baby, Robyn.” Adelaide sniffled into her shoulder.

09-10-19_3:38:23 PM

“We’re going to do everything we can to help you, ma’am.” Addy looked up to see the tall, muscular young man standing behind her daughter. He was handsome, sure enough, but who was he? She looked to Robyn for direction.

“Adelaide, this is Ben. He’s my…boyfriend.” Ben looked surprise at her use of the word, but happy. It surprised Addy too, since her sister had always been so opposed to the idea. “He’s here to help. ”

09-10-19_3:38:42 PM

“We’re all here to help you, Ads.” Elena smiled weakly as Addy turned to face Elena and her own boyfriend, Sebastien. Him, Adelaide recognised. He’d been at a few family parties this year, and he’d been at the hospital with Elena the day Uncle Elias was taken in.

“Thankyou guys.” Addy whispered gratefully. But would this be enough?

09-10-19_3:45:18 PM

“Erm, dad…where are we?” Brooke asked, staring through the windows into an empty looking bungalow. They’d been in a car for a super long time, and Brooke was relieved to stretch her legs. But where the heck where they?

“This is my house now, Brooke. I wanted to make it  all up to you and your mom, so when she called me and asked me to look after you while the baby is so small, of course I said yes!”

Brooke was taken aback. Would her mom really send her away? Just because her sister had been born?

09-10-19_3:47:59 PM

“You’re going to be here for a while, so I want you to behave.”Brooke felt uncomfortable as her Dad touched her face, grinning like a cheshire cat. A while? How long?

She was excited that her Dad finally wanted her, sure, but none of this felt right. When she’d called her mom that morning, she’d been talking about how much Brooke was going to love seeing Christina that evening…had the plans changed?

09-10-19_3:47:10 PM

“You’re my daughter, Brooke. Look, you look just like me! It’s about time everyone stopped trying to take what’s mine away…” Marcus murmured, squeezing the child. He wasn’t really talking about Brooke to be honest, more her mother, but if he couldn’t have Adelaide then he would take the thing she loved away. Brooke was his gift to Adelaide, it was his right to take her back. “Now run inside.”

09-10-19_4:00:41 PM

It felt like forever since Brooke had come to “visit” her Dad. She’d been here 3 weeks and still hadn’t heard from her mom. Had she been forgotten?

It was awful living here. She missed Lady, and her family, and school… She hadn’t left this prison since she arrived.

09-10-19_3:51:52 PM

The fridge was disgusting. Her dad barely went shopping, and if he did it was for beer and pizza. Brooke had to make do with the old stuff at the back of the freezer, and peas was literally all she could find most of the time. She had to make do.

09-10-19_3:51:25 PM

Marcus barely spoke to her, he was always just watching the TV and shouting at her to go to her room. Once, Brooke had begged him to let her go outside and he’d got so angry he’d grabbed her by wrist and dragged her in there, locking the door and not letting her out for 12 hours.

09-10-19_3:58:37 PMA lot of the time he’d have ladies with him on the couch. They didn’t wear their clothes very often. Brooke had walked into the room many times, only for her Dad to hurl the remote at her and tell her to get out.

09-10-19_4:01:24 PM

She’d run back to her room, where she’d hear him and the ladies being very loud. Sometimes there were 2 or 3, and they were never very nice to her.

Brooke felt so alone.

09-10-19_4:05:31 PM

“Dad, I need to go home.”

Marcus remained silent.


09-10-19_4:02:46 PM

“How dare you! Why you ungrateful little brat!” Marcus seethed, making Brooke sink down into her shoulders.  She felt very, very scared. “Don’t you know they don’t want you back, Brooke? Why do you think you were sent here?”

“If you’d just let me talk to my mommy..” Brooke whispered.

“She doesn’t want to talk to you, stupid girl!”

09-10-19_4:04:20 PM

Brooke braced herself for impact as her father moved closer and closer to her bed. “They have their perfect family now, all together. They don’t need you anymore.”

“That’s not true!” She shouted defiantly, earning herself a slap.

Marcus chuckled.

09-10-19_4:03:11 PM

“It is. And you’ll stay in this room until you accept that.” And with that, he slammed the door behind him.

Rubbing her face, Brooke allowed one tear to escape before furrowing her brow in concentration. There must be a way out of here. If only I could think of it…

It took a while, but eventually Brooke hatched the very plan she needed…

1.22 Last Chance

04-05-19_7:55:33 PM

Addy hated the smell of hospitals, even when Brooke was born. She wasn’t so excited to be returning, especially since her and Cameron had decided on a home birth for their next child.

09-06-19_1:56:43 PM

Robyn and Kevin were already there, sat in the waiting room. Kev didn’t seem to be in a good place, and Robyn’s face was the picture of concern. Addy wondered why they weren’t in the hospital room with Uncle Elias and then noticed the strict looking nurse guarding the door. There was no way she’d let the whole family in there at once.

Robyn, doubley concerned for Kevin, reached out and took her cousin’s hand. “If she’s not here to support you Kev, she isn’t worth it.” Squeezing him tight, she smiled sadly. Inside, Robyn’s heart squeezed – how could Molly let Kevin down like this? She hated to be right, but it seemed like the highschool sweethearts relationship was just that – highschool. Molly would be off to college far away soon, whereas Kev had chosen to go to college in their home town.

“I have bigger problems right now, Robyn.” He sighed, defeated.

09-06-19_1:57:37 PM

“Those poor kids. Who’s going to take care of them if…if…” Nancy squeaked. She couldn’t help feeling like this was her fault. If her sister hadn’t tried to reveal the truth, she wouldn’t be dead and Elias wouldn’t have spiralled into the depression that fuelled his alcoholism.

“Shhhh, querida.” Xavier sighed. “We are their aunt and uncle, and their god parents. We are always going to be there for them. Elena and Kevin are both adults now, two very responsible and grown up adults.”

She knew he was right, but just couldn’t help feeling responsible.

09-06-19_2:05:01 PM

Inside the hospital room, Elena held her dear father close. She couldn’t believe what had become of him. In truth, this was the most well presented she’d seen Elias in months – clean and dressed in a bathrobe, when compared to his usual smell and drunken demeanour.

“Dad, please, you have to try for me.” She whispered, her heart breaking. She knew it was a disease, but they needed him. And he still had a chance! The doctors had told them of the possibility that his liver could recover, if only he stopped drinking now. He’d been offered a place in rehabilitation too, after they drained the rest of the fluid on his lungs. It was his last chance.

“I’m scared, baby.” He was the shell of a man, really. Too skinny, yet bloated at the same time – his feet, hands and stomach were massively swollen and his eyes a grungy shade of yellow. The very same Elias that had raised her, but no longer the same at all. Elena couldn’t believe it.

“I’ll go.” He whispered into her ear and Elena began to sob with relief. She knew how afraid her father was, but he was being brave for his family.

09-06-19_2:07:23 PM

It was hours until they finally let Addy and Cameron visit Elias. The nurse had decided he needed rest, which Elena had agreed with, and asked that he be allowed to nap for an hour or two. So, the couple had nipped down to the canteen for lunch and Adelaide had called Jen to check on Brooke, who was apparently having a whale of a time.

Brooke had barely known her uncle, with him being around so little in her short life, and Addy had tried to keep Brooke away from the situation due to her tender age.

09-06-19_2:18:14 PM

Addy waited patiently for her uncle to wake up. When he finally did, he stretched and yawned and propped himself up at the end of his bed.

He looked awful. She felt so terrible for not checking up on him sooner, and her heart broke that Elena had been too ashamed to ask for help with his care.

09-06-19_2:18:21 PM

“Hey, kids…” Wincing, Elias held onto the end of the bed for support.

“Oh, Uncle Elias.” Addy sighed, wanting to give him a huge hug. Her Uncle had clearly been to hell and back since the death of Aunt Payton. 8 years had passed, yes, but that didn’t mean that the pain necessarily had. She still missed her aunt dearly.

“Im going to get better, Adelaide.” There was no question in his voice. She could see the determination on Elias’ face. “For Elena and Kevin.”

09-06-19_2:17:54 PM

“You need to, Elias.” Nancy caught the end of the conversation as she walked in. “They only have one parent left, and that’s you.”

“I know, I know.” A tear rolled down Elias’ cheek.

“We’re all going to be here for you, sir. I know you don’t know me very well, due to your illness, but you have a beautiful great niece that would like to get to know you. And the greatest family possible.” Cameron chimed in, making Addy proud. She smiled at him, her heart full of love for her husband.

09-06-19_2:07:50 PM

“How are you, mija?” Xavier asked Robyn as they stood in the waiting room, not wanting to overcrowd Elias.

“Apart from this? I’m okay.” And she was ok. Robyn had always been wise and intelligent. She was making a great career for herself now, after getting a job in the publishing house once she’d finished college. She’d even met a man there that didn’t make her wonder why females didn’t just take over the world. “I’m just so worried about Kev, Dad. His entire life is changing, and he needs his Dad..”

“I know. And he will have him, baby girl, we will make sure.”

09-06-19_2:34:43 PM

Within the hospital room, Addy felt the sudden sharp pain she’d only familiarised herself with once. Ah, crap. So much for a home birth. 

“Um, Cameron? Not to scare you or anything, but I think we better get me to a room of my own.” Addy asked nervously, interrupting a conversation between Cameron and her Uncle about how Brooke was a star performer.

09-06-19_2:33:31 PM

“You mean, you’re in labour again?! Oh my god, Addy. Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god.” Cameron gasped, starting to freak out. Adelaide rolled her eyes, just before another contraction hit and she grimaced.

“Just go get the nurse, Cam.” Addy gritted her teeth through the pain and gave her uncle an apologetic look.

“It’s okay, Adelaide.” He put an arm on her shoulder. “I intend to be around for this child’s life. And Brooke’s, too. And any children Elena and Kevin are lucky enough to have.”

09-06-19_2:39:38 PM

In, out, in, out, in, out. Addy panted, sat now on the side of her own hospital bed. She hated it in here. She should of been at home, in a comfy nighty, surrounded by candles and soft music. Here everything was so white, so sterile. She didn’t even have a bag packed! The nurse had run off to find her a gown, but she’d been gone a while.

09-06-19_2:39:24 PM

Robyn and her mom watched excitedly as Cameron fussed over Addy, trying to get her back into bed, but Adelaide was having none of it, similarly to when she gave birth to Brooke.

Robyn thought it was awesome, watching her sister give birth this time. She was just a kid when Brooke was born. Now, she got to see everything for herself, and child birth was insane.

As Addy screamed in pain, Robyn grinned. One day she’d probably like to do this and have some rugrats of her own.

09-06-19_3:03:04 PM

Only a day later, Adelaide and Cameron got to take their beautiful youngest daughter, Christina Nancy Asteria, home with them for the very first time.

09-06-19_3:04:42 PM

Both Cameron and Addy were besotted with their gorgeous little miracle, but mostly Cameron. He was now the proud father of not one but two beautiful girls, and everyone who had visited would comment on how Christy, as he liked to call her, even had his eyes. All he wanted now was for Brooke to come home and meet her little sister.

09-06-19_3:06:51 PM

“Hey, Jen! Thank-you so much for keeping Brooke the extra few days, I can’t believe I delivered so early!”

“She’s been an angel, it’s genuinely a pleasure. I think Casper has a crush on her, he’s been bugging Andy and hanging out in her room more than usual. Everything went ok, though, right? Christina is fine?”

“That’s too cute. Yes, the baby is perfectly healthy and she can’t wait to meet her big sister.”

09-06-19_3:06:38 PM

“That’s great, hon.” Addy could almost feel Jennifer smiling down the phone.

“Would it be ok if I send Cameron over now to pick her up?” Adelaide asked.

“Oh, she’s already gone! You sent her dad for her, right?” Silence.

“Addy? Addy? Hello?”

“Her..Her Dad?”

“Yeh, Marc right? He seemed super nice.”

And Adelaide’s whole perfect world came crashing down, there and then.

1.21 Dancing Queen(s)

02-18-19_8:29:36 PM02-18-19_8:36:35 PM

“Right,girls, we’re going to take it again from the top!” Ms. Hodge sang over the blasting stereo music. Brooke was still grinning despite the beads of sweat on her forehead, she loved modern.

Andrina gave Brooke a look that said I cannot be bothered today before launching into a routine of twirls and dramatics to a somber song that had just been released in the charts. Brookie knew Andy only took dance because her Mom made her come to class, but at least they had met there and become the best of friends.

02-18-19_8:31:34 PM

“What is it gonna be like when you have a baby brother or sister?” Andrina asked during their next break.

“So cool! I’m gonna dress them up and play dolls and-”

Andy burst into a fit of giggles. “What if it’s a boy! He might not like dolls.”

“Hey, everyone can like dolls.”

02-18-19_8:47:34 PM

During a 5 minute break the girls noticed that the new girl, who had just started class today, hadn’t even spoken the whole way through.

“Hey, what’s your name?” Andy chirped as they made their way over.

“Um…Minnie.” That made Andrina and Brooke struggle to hold in the giggles.

“Yes, like the mouse.” Minnie snapped. “It makes me stand out, dweebs. When I’m scouted it’ll be all the cast directors can think of.”

Andy snorted as Minnie stormed off to the bathroom. “What’s her problem?”

02-18-19_8:37:03 PM

Adelaide wanted to disappear when she saw Tanya. At the dance studios. 

Her previous foe had invaded her daughter’s sanctuary, Brooke’s favourite place in the world, and Addy just prayed it was a one off.
But who was her child? Adelaide questioned. Yes, she hadn’t seen Tanya in years, but not so many that it was possible for her to have a child the same age as Brooke.

“Er… Hi, Tanya.”

02-18-19_8:43:46 PM

“Addy! Oh my god, I almost didn’t see you there. You’re like, totally pregnant! Again!” Tanya squeaked, feigning excitement in an attempt to mask her judgements.

“And happily married.” Addy piped up, reminding Tanya of her and Cameron’s union.

This time.” Tanya giggled. “It’s Cameron’s, right? The baby?”

“Of course.” Addy felt herself becoming hotter. What was she insinuating? She could barely even look at Tanya, keeping her eyes on Brooke instead.

02-18-19_8:38:22 PM

“So whose baby is whose?” Tanya giggled, asking one of the slightly older moms of the group, Zoya. The group of girls was only small, but Addy knew Jennifer Hodge was the best dance teacher in town and the demand for her services was only going to grow. “Let me guess! That one’s yours, Adelaide. She looks like Marcus.”

02-18-19_8:42:12 PMSure enough, she’d picked out Brooke. Still, as ever, the child resembled her real father. Addy nodded, refusing to be shamed by the start of Brooke’s life.

“Yeh, that’s her. And yours? I didn’t know you had a…?”

“Kid?” Tanya laughed outrageously.  “No way, I’m way too young for that. 27 is like the new twenty, you know?”

Adelaide bit her lip at Tanya’s arrogance.

02-18-19_8:40:29 PM

“Minnie, the little cute one at the back. That’s my sister. Isn’t she adorable? She’s definitely going to be the best dancer in this class.”
We’ll see about that. Addy thought bitterly.

02-18-19_8:53:09 PM

“Hey mom! I’m just at Brooke’s dance class, can I call yo-”

“Adelaide, there’s been an emergency. You need to get yourself down to the hospital right now, sweetheart.”

02-18-19_8:53:48 PM02-18-19_8:52:40 PMAddy’s heart sunk. “What…what is it mom? Who is it?”

“Your uncle Elias has been taken ill, from his drinking. They say that his liver is failing.” Addy’s first thought was Elena and Kevin. They’d already coped with the loss of one parent, now two?

02-18-19_8:49:24 PM

“What’s up, Addy?” Jennifer, who had seen Addy’s face drop through the glass window into the class, popped her head around the door.

“My uncle has fallen ill, Jen. I really need to go, I’m so sorry to interru-”

Jen held her hand up. “I totally, totally understand. Do you want me to take Brooke home with us?”

“Would you not mind?”

“Of course not, she can stay as long as she likes. Andrina is her best friend, and any friend of my child’s is a friend of our family.” Jennifer pulled Addy into her arms.

“Thankyou. You’re an angel.”

02-18-19_8:46:04 PM

“Brooke, could you come up here for a second sweet pea?” Ms. Hodge chimed. Brooke made her way shakily to the front of the class.

“I am really proud of your progress. You should all be aspiring to work as hard and dance your heart out like our Brookie here.” Brooke could feel Minnie’s beady eyes boring into her skull. “As you all know, we will be holding a Christmas recital along with the upper years, of which I have not chosen the play yet. However at the moment, Brooke is the front runner to play the female lead.”

Andrina grinned, proud of her best friend, as Brooke gasped.

“I want you all working your hardest to go for the lead this year! That is all for today, guys.”

Brooke, this isn’t promised to you. But continue working with such elegance and dedication…and the role will be yours.” Jen told Brooke, to the side. It filled her with an excitement and determination she’d never felt before.

02-18-19_8:46:09 PM

“Oh, also, your mom has had to leave early. Don’t worry! But she thought it best that you stay with us tonight, if that’s ok?”

Brooke nodded, worrying slightly for her mom, but excited for a sleepover with Andy.

As they made their way to the car, the two girls giggled over dreams of forts and pillow fights and staying up all night.

02-18-19_9:01:47 PM

“Did you see the look on Minnie’s face?!” Andy chuckled. Brooke couldn’t help but agree, Minnie didn’t seem very nice.

“Yeh, she’s mad.” As she giggled away, Brooke reached to turn the stereo in Andy’s room up slightly. “Let’s go from the beginning!”

“I can’t wait to show my mom the dance we made up all by ourselves!”

04-05-19_7:48:13 PM

“Andy! You’re way too loud, I’m trying to play Xbox next door!” Brooke was startled as the door flung open and in flew a dark haired boy with similar features to Andy. She’d always known Andy had a twin but never met him since they went to different schools, and boy they were identical.

“Oh shut up, Caspar. No one cares about your minecraft.”

“I’m playing Fifa, actually.

04-05-19_7:46:55 PM

Hurriedly, Brooke stepped out of the way as the siblings started hitting at each other. Is this how she would be with her new sibling?

“You’re so! Annoying!” Andy smacked at his arm to get it off of her.

“And you’re not?” Caspar scoffed.

At the same time, both the twins yelled out MOM!

04-05-19_7:47:52 PM

“Hey, you guys! Stop! You have a guest! Me!” Brooke scrambled to separate them and the twins stopped, wide eyed at Brooke’s outburst.

Caspar looked her upside down, making Brooke uncomfortable to be stood there in just a leotard.

“Who are you?” He snorted.

“Brooke, my friend. Now get out!” Andy growled and her brother made his way towards the door.

“Ooh friends!” Caspar chuckled and Andy rolled her eyes. She knew Mom had told him he was too young to watch inbetweeners, but Caspar never listened to Mom. Whatever Inbetweeners was.

1.20 Patience Is A Virtue

11-08-18_4:23:29 PM.png

Addy had been in this position so many times, and never got the result she’d hoped for. She was growing tired of the disappointment by now.

11-08-18_4:24:47 PM.png

So when it finally turned out to be the news she and Cam had waited for… Adelaide couldn’t help but scream with excitement!

01-31-19_6:45:21 PM.png“Babe, what’s wrong!” Cameron shouted, instantly panicking for his wife. Any concern flooded away when she jumped into his arms and Cameron chuckled at how excited she was.

“Nothing is wrong! Everything is right!”

01-31-19_6:46:12 PM.pngAdelaide pressed her lips tightly against his. “We’re positive.” She giggled like a teenager.”We’re having a baby!”

Cameron felt his own heart leap, pulling her close to him. “Really?! There’s a mini me in there!” Feeling as though he could burst, he put a hand against her tummy.

01-31-19_6:44:27 PM.png

“This is it, Cammy. We’re expanding this little family.”

“Oh god, am I going to have to decorate while you sit there and do nothing again?” He winked, which earned him a slap on the butt.

“I will be the creative director. Besides, Brookie’ll be helping you this time. If she comes round..” The last note was a little sad. Addy wanted Brooke to be just as excited as them, but she couldn’t see it happening, since Brooke wasn’t talking to her at all.

01-31-19_6:50:05 PM.png

The little girl was staying mostly to herself and her dolls, hidden away in the gorgeous bedroom that she’d picked out almost entirely herself. Brooke was busy imagining that she could just be tiny and live with the dolls, and be a part of their family, so she could forget that her mom had betrayed her.

01-31-19_6:52:55 PM.png

“Night, Brookie. Can I get you anything?” Popping her head round the door to Brooke’s room, Addy could see her daughter squirming as she got into bed.

01-31-19_6:53:13 PM.png

Brooke turned to face the bedroom window at the sound of her Mom’s voice. She wouldn’t forgive her for trying to ruin everything.

“Ok sweetheart.” Her mom’s sighs kinda tugged at Brooke’s heart as she left the room, and she suddenly found herself wishing she’d stayed…

01-31-19_6:55:12 PM.png

“She hates me, Cameron.” Adelaide sniffled into Cameron’s neck as he swooped her into the hug. Tears running down his wife’s face were never a good sign.

“She’ll come around, Addy. She’s too young to understand that it is him that’s wrong here.”

01-31-19_6:56:33 PM.png

“What if she doesn’t love her brother or sister?” Adelaide whispered.

“Are you kidding? Brooke is full of love,” He was right. “You should try to tell her tomorrow. I’m sure she’ll be excited, and want to put her family back together.”

And with that, Addy resolved to listen to him.


01-31-19_6:58:45 PM.png

The next morning, Brooke sat on the porch waiting for over an hour. It was a bit chillier than usual, and she kinda wished she had a jacket, but she didn’t want to move in case he came and thought she’d given up.

01-31-19_6:58:49 PM.png

The street was empty. She checked her phone, maybe 50 times, never looking for too long just in case her Dad came down the road there and then.

He’d apologised to her. He’d agreed that her mom was in the wrong, and he was still going to see her anyway.
So why wasn’t he here?

01-31-19_7:02:58 PM.png

“Honey, why is Brooke sat on the front porch?” Adelaide had seen her daughter, looking all gloomy, through the window while she’d been painting and thought she’d been playing – but on closer inspection, the only thing she was holding was Adelaide’s old Iphone that had been passed down.

01-31-19_7:01:47 PM.png

“Don’t kill me Adelaide…”

“Cam, what’s going on?” Her temples started to hurt. Brooke being upset with her was breaking her heart, she couldn’t deal with Cam being shady too.

“I…Brooke asked me if she could see Marcus today. She begged me not to tell you and I ju-”

“You what!”

01-31-19_7:03:33 PM.png

“I just thought, she could see for herself how nasty he really is. But the asshole hasn’t even bothered to show up…” Cameron balled his hands into fists. He really wanted to teach that Marcus a lesson.

Adelaide softened slightly. His intentions were good.

“Oh, my poor baby..” She sighed, her heart fluttering at the thought of Brooke feeling let down by not one, but two parents. “I better go and speak to her.”

01-31-19_7:06:41 PM.png

“Er…Hey, baby B.” Adelaide’s heart broke to see her daughter, sobbing on the porch. Only a little girl, and her daddy was already trying to break her.

“Why doesn’t he want me, Mommy?”

“Oh baby girl.” Addy sighed, holding her arms out for Brooke. The little girl stood up.

02-15-19_3:00:02 PM.png

“I’m sorry I got mad. I just really wanted him to love me.” Brooke sobbed, hugging her mom close. Stroking her head, Adelaide enjoyed the fruity smell of her hair and shushed the child.

“It’s ok baby girl. You know, you have a family that love you.”

“I know. I took that for granted and…”

“Don’t you ever say that. I know you’re a real good girl, Brookie Cookie. I know it, Cam knows it, Lady knows it…”

Brooke giggled at the involvement of the pup.

“And baby C knows it.”

02-15-19_3:01:50 PM.png

At first, Brooke was confused. Her eyebrows raised, she looked at Adelaide in shock. She couldn’t mean?

“Baby..Baby C?”

“Surprise!” Addy grinned as Brooke’s mouth fell wide in shock. She hoped she’d be excited. “You’ve got a little brother or sister on the way.”

“A little…A little…” She couldnt get the words out.

“Brooke? Are you ok?” Adelaide asked, concerned about her daughter’s ventilation.

02-15-19_3:05:08 PM.png


And on that very porch, after a morning from hell, Brooke received the best news she’d heard in all her little life.

1.19 Parenting

11-10-18_9:56:47 PM.png

“What can I do for ya, mom?” Brooke smiled, sitting down next to her mom in their living room. Addy ruffled her hair. She was growing up to have her momma’s attitude and Adelaide couldn’t help but find it adorable.

“I just want to have a little chat with you before tomorrow, Brookie. I know you’re excited.”

11-10-18_9:58:00 PM.png

“Like crazy! He looks just like me. I wanna know where I come from.” She grinned excitedly, and Addy couldn’t help but grin back at her big girl.

“He does, he does.” Addy agreed, she’d always noticed the same sparkle she’d once loved in Brooke’s eyes. “But, baby girl, do you know about the things that Marcus has done?”

11-10-18_9:59:56 PM.png

Brooke shook her head, swinging her legs at the same time and Addy braced herself to tell Brooke the truth.

“The reason he hasn’t been in your life, and that you’ve grown up with Cam in your life, is because Marcus and his family were very bad to your mommy.”

“Did they call you mean names?”11-10-18_9:57:44 PM.png

“Sometimes. They would have hurt me, and my life would have been very different if Cameron and your grandparents hadn’t saved me from them, you see?”

Brooke was quiet for a moment. She looked disappointed in her father.

“But people change, right, mom?” The 7 year old asked hopefully. She wasn’t able to give up her dreams of a real father just yet.

“They can do, Brookie. And your dad, Marcus, says that he has done. But I wanted to prepare you, because you deserve to know why your parents aren’t together.”

11-10-18_9:58:42 PM.png

“But my parents are together, Mom! Cam is still my daddy. I just get 3 parents, and that’s pretty awesome.”

Addy hugged her daughter close, beaming with pride. It seemed that Robyn’s young wisdom had rubbed off on her niece.

Content that Brooke knew the truth, Addy sent the child to finish her homework and made a start on dinner ready for her husband’s return from work.

11-10-18_9:39:33 PM.png

“It all makes sense! I love peanut butter too, but my mommy hates it! I must get it from you.” Brooke exclaimed, giggling in delight at all her newfound knowledge.

“I could eat peanut butter all day.” Marcus smiled down on her.

11-10-18_9:40:14 PM.png

Addy had to admit it was cute to see Brooke enjoying herself, learning about where all her little quirks came from.

“I love ballet. Do I get that from you too? My mom has two left feet!”

“Hey, cheeky!” Addy tutted, laughing at Brooke’s attitude.

“No, sweetheart, I am also cursed with dysfunctional dancing skills.” Marcus demonstrated his abilities, doing the robot and making Brooke shriek with laughter.

11-10-18_9:38:51 PM.png

“I’m just gonna go to the bathroom. All that soda, you know? BRB!” Still chuckling, their daughter jumped up out of her chair before Addy could even offer to take her.

And she was left alone with her favourite person in the world.

11-10-18_9:38:14 PM.png

It was more than a little awkward, but Addy praised Marcus on his efforts with their daughter.

“You’re being real sweet with her.” Adelaide commented and Marcus smirked – she hated it when he did that.

“As promised, I really have changed, Adelaide.” Marcus reached out across the table and she shrugged away from him.

11-10-18_9:38:03 PM.png

“Marcus, I do appreciate the effort you’re making with our daughter, but if you hurt her I swear…”

“My love, I’m not going to hurt either of you again if you just give me the chance.” He sighed, refusing to retract his hand.

Addy frowned. “Whatever you think will happen between us again, won’t.”

11-10-18_9:46:16 PM.png

Putting his head in his hands, Marcus groaned. “If you were such a good mother, Adelaide, you’d want the parents of your child to be together.”

Addy was ready to explode which was evident on her face, but he continued once again.

“It’s what is best for Brooke, and for you. I can take care of you both now.”

11-10-18_9:45:21 PM.png

“You arrogant b******. You haven’t cared about me or Brooke for over 7 years. You didn’t care about me the day you kidnapped me, you didn’t care the second you decided to. Now, you have a chance to make things right to our daughter now she is in awe of you – but you definitely don’t have a chance with me. If you’re not going to be there for Brooke, leave her alone.”

11-10-18_9:45:11 PM.png

“Why would I want a child with a stubborn b**** of a mother, anyway? You’re not the fun young girl I remembered.” Marcus growled, standing up.

“Just remember that it’s you who screwed this up for our kid.”

11-10-18_9:47:23 PM.png

And with that, Marcus left Adelaide in the coffee shop, seething. His true intentions had only to get Adelaide back anyway, but she knew it was too late.

This was going to kill Brooke.

11-10-18_9:51:53 PM.png“Hey mom, where’d my Dad go? For more drinks?” Brooke chirped as she sat back down at the table. His coffee was still half full, but maybe he’d decided to get a tea instead.

11-10-18_9:52:40 PM.png

“Baby, please don’t be upset..Marcus left.”

“…Left?” The heartbreak could be heard in the little girls voice, before she went silent.

“Yes, but he was a horrible man, baby. He said some horrible things before…”

11-10-18_9:52:33 PM.png

“You got mad, didn’t you? You lost your temper, and that’s why he left? Not because of me, because of you!” Brooke could read the guilt on her mother’s face, and she knew she’d said something to make him go away.

She must of done. Things were going so well, he liked Brooke…

“No, baby, I…”

“I hate you! I can’t believe you ruined this for me!” Tears streamed down Brookie’s cheeks, breaking her mother’s heart, before she stormed away from her mother. She’d rather call Cam to pick her up than look at her face again.

1.18 I’m Back, Baby


11-08-18_6:24:07 PM.png11-08-18_6:23:43 PM.pngFor Brooke’s birthday, the family had decided to throw their first pool party at the new house.

11-08-18_6:25:25 PM.png

“How’s my favourite son in law then?” Xavier asked, chatting to Cameron by the edge of the little pool. Even Lady had decided to join them for a leisurely swim.

“We’re great, sir,” Cameron replied, feeling a little guilty. They weren’t exactly that great, considering how making another baby just wasn’t happening for them. “This house is amazing, thankyou.”

“Don’t worry about it, son. Your parents had as much of a say in it.” He grinned in response.

11-08-18_6:25:47 PM.png

Kevin, now grown into a teenager and looking like the perfect mix of his parents, enjoyed swimming with his new girlfriend. She was a sweet girl, Molly, and Addy remembered Robyn mentioning that they were friends at school.

11-08-18_6:27:35 PM.png

“Hey, gorgeous girl.” Cameron swooped Brooke up into his arms with a sigh. He couldn’t believe how much she had grown up, and although he wasn’t her biological father he knew she’d always be her daughter.

Brooke giggled, squeezing him tight as they made their way over to her birthday candles.
11-08-18_6:29:10 PM.png

Together, they blew her candles out while everyone else cheered11-08-18_6:38:00 PM.png

11-08-18_6:39:56 PM.pngA few minutes, and slices of cake, later Brooke was diving into the water for a swim.

“Woohoo!” She beamed. Her parents beamed with pride as she raced through the water with Lady by her side.

11-09-18_9:15:23 PM.pngRobyn really didn’t understand her fellow teenagers. Everything was about sex!

Molly was a pretty great girl, and they sat next to each other in AP French. She’d been perfectly nice still since she’d started dating Robyn’s cousin Kevin, but had started acting way too vapid around him.

“You look, like, totally hot shirtless Kev…”

There and then, Robs made a vow that she wouldn’t reduce herself to an idiot for some guy. She knew that guys liked her, and it wasn’t that she didn’t think some of them were cute, but her own sister’s young relations with boys had put her off for a long long time…even if that had resulted in her perfect little niece.

11-09-18_9:19:41 PM.png

“Thankyou so much for coming, Grandma.” Brooke grinned, doing her granddaughterly duty just like her mom had asked.

Her grandma didn’t exactly look old enough to be one, but Brooke knew that her mom had gotten pregnant young.

“Of course I’m here, what are Granny’s for?” Nancy chuckled. “Don’t spend those simoleons all at once, sweetheart.”

11-09-18_9:18:15 PM.png

“Nana!” Brooke shouted in excitement as her Nana walked down the stairs into the garden. Nancy beamed as Brooke bounced into her arms. She loved sharing a grandchild with her best friend.

Brooke was super excited to see Nadine, since she’d been away with work for so long. Unfortunately, her Papa Ben was still away and couldn’t make it for her birthday, but Brooke knew he worked in a very important place.

11-09-18_9:21:47 PM.png

Robyn danced the afternoon away with her little niece, proud as a peach. Everyone had been saying all afternoon how much Brooke was growing up to look like her.

“Come on, baby B! Move it or lose it!”


11-09-18_9:26:09 PM.png

Meanwhile, Addy was busy answering the door…

“You! How dare you turn up here on my daughter’s birthday!”

11-09-18_9:24:40 PM.png

“She’s my daughter too, Adelaide. I want to meet her.” The one and only Marcus Moseley replied, standing here on her own front porch. What audicity. Was there no law against this? Victim harassment?

11-09-18_9:35:55 PM.png

“Meet her my ass. Get away from my house, Marcus.”

“Wait, Addy…” He grabbed her arm, holding her in place and making her shudder. For a second he even frightened her again. “Whatever you say, you know that our daughter was made in love. I never hurt her.”

“No, you just kidnapped her mom!” Adelaide seethed, pulling her arm away.

“My father manipulated and abused me, I wasn’t in my right mind.” He put it so simply. “Didn’t you ever wish we were a family? Me, you and Brooke?”

11-09-18_9:36:00 PM.png

“I have a family – Cameron is the man you never were.”

“But does he make love to you like I did?” Marcus took a step towards her, smirking, and Addy slapped him.

“Don’t you ever speak ill of my husband again, Moseley. Get out of my sight.”

11-09-18_9:38:57 PM.png

“Mom, who’s this?” Addy’s stomach flipped at the sound of Brooke’s sweet, innocent voice. She knew how excited Brooke was going to be to find out about him. Addy hadn’t yet told her of how her father came to leave them.

11-09-18_9:43:14 PM.png

“Brooke…Baby…This is your biological father.”

“My…You’re my real dad? Not my real dad, daddy is my dad of course, but…my biological dad?”

“Hi sweetheart.” Marcus chimed.

11-09-18_9:42:57 PM.png

“I’ve wanted to meet you for the longest time…” He lied. It made Addy shake with anger. She knew his game, after the little trick he’d just tried to pull.

“It’s nice to meet you. You sure do look like me.” Brooke smiled politely. She was innocent in all of this. “Do you wanna come in for cake?”

11-09-18_9:44:47 PM.png

“No, sorry, sweetie. I have to dash for work. But, I’d like to see you again, if that’s ok with your mom?” Marcus replied, putting Adelaide between a rock and a hard place.

“Can we mom? Please?” Brooke begged.

11-09-18_9:44:07 PM.png

“I don’t think that’s a great…” Addy began, seeing Brooke’s face fall. It broke her heart.

“Of course, Adelaide, you’d be welcome to join us. We could go out for dinner.”

“Yeh mom, sounds fun! Please?”

Addy gulped. She really didn’t want to upset Brooke, and Marcus had her cornered. She supposed they’d be meeting in a public place, and Brooke nor she would be left alone with him.

And then she agreed. Something she knew she’d live to regret.